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Change at Rohrer fire brigade

Sebastian Schmid replaces Reinhard Haubner in the position of deputy commander.

At the annual meeting, chairman Lothar Englmann was unanimously confirmed in his office by the 26 people present, as was his deputy Armin Tratz. Erwin Großhauser remains the secretary. Jürgen Fiegl comes as the new cashier for Josef Hafner. Albert Englmann, Alwin Ulrich, Jürgen Hofbeck and Reinhard Haubner work as assessors. Jonas Englmann and Alwin Ulrich are involved as machinists. Florian Ulrich and Markus Koller are active as standard bearers.

Prior to this, Commander Albert Englmann had provided information about the seven exercises held in his last report. According to Englmann, the participation could have been better. A large-scale exercise with the neighboring weirs from Aßlschwang, Freystadt, Möning and Mörsdorf took place in the Köhl biogas plant in Rohr. The only operation was in Aßlschwang, where a cellar was full of water.

Currently, the armed forces have 37 active members and four fire brigade candidates. A performance test is planned for this year, participation in the Florian Day in Parsberg on May 6th as well as in the anniversary parades in Sulzbürg on May 28th, in Freystadt on June 3rd and in Allersberg on July 29th. As chairman Lothar Englmann informed, the oven on the village square was renovated and put back into operation in the summer. The village festival is planned for the first weekend in September this year.

In his welcoming address, Mayor Alexander Dorr discussed the fire brigade requirement plan that is currently being drawn up for the larger community. District fire inspector Georg Mößler referred to the chainsaw course offered by district fire chief Michael Seitz.

From Annamaria Schöll