Why should you practice pole dancing?

Learn pole dance

Learn Pole Dance - This is what you need to pay attention to!

You want the trend sport from AmericaPole Dance learn? Then what are you waiting for? Learn pole dance works easier than you might think at first. In Europe, too, the pole dance sport has now returned and is extremely popular. More and more fitness and dance studios - in Germany - offer appropriate courses.

If you have reasons why you don't want to exercise with other men and women at the same time, then you can too Learn pole dance at home. What you need is the right one Pole dance pole and patienceto do the exercises gradually. With practice, you can be sure of this.

Pole dance is considered one elegant sport formwith which you can train every muscle in your body. While the pole dance sport was known a few years ago from strip bars with scantily clad women, the trend from today's perspective is indispensable and is also known aspure fitness practiced for the whole body. More and more women, as well as men, want Learn pole dance yourself. Are you one of them? Then get your pole dance pole straight to your home!

The Pole dance figures are not only appealing and erotic, they also require some exercises, especially for beginners. Initially, your body has to get used to the new loads. But with special exercises and a little discipline makes it easy to learn pole dance.

If you yourself Learn pole dance at home you should either watch videos on the Internet or Exercise DVDs so that you can precisely imitate the corresponding beginner exercises at home.

The right pole dance pole

One thing is certain: you want to Learn pole dance! What do you need? Correct. A Pole dance pole. Before buying a pole dance bar, you need to think about which figures and exercises you want to perform. There are different pole dance poles:

Spinning pole dance poles

Spinning Pole Dance poles can be rotated and, as a result, toodemanding characters can be danced. These types of pole dance poles are an optimal addition to the standard static pole dance poles. All models convince with one firm as well as with onerotatable function. With this pole dance bar you can decide for yourself which exercises you want to do and adapt them individually to your current level of performance.

Static pole dance poles

In addition, the Static Pole Dance poles should be mentioned. These are fixed. Exactly this type of pole dance pole is ideal for beginners. You will surely succeed in all standard exercises right away - or with a little practice 😉.

If you have a healthy level ofPassion to the trend sport pole dance, then you decide on the right model and thus for your favorite. How else do you want Learn pole dance, if the pole dance bar does not have the functions that you need for your figures and exercises? A popular pole dance pole is the so-called X Pole Pole XPert.

If you Learn pole dance yourself this pole dance bar is just right for you. Start immediately with the Static function and gain more strength for your exercises to get into in no time Spinning function switch.

What should be considered when buying?

When deciding to buy a pole dance pole, it is not only important that you purchase the right pole, which is tailored to you, but also that the optimum diameter is available. There are different variations here. The Standard diameter of 45mm can be found on almost every pole dance pole and is suitable for pretty much every pole dancer.

But you also have the choice between 4 cm and 5 cm. These pole dance poles are especially suitable for those of you who have either small or large hands. Before buying, check which diameter you need in order to be able to easily grip the respective pole dance rod. The average is around 45 mm. So it isLearn pole dance at home nothing more in the way.

Learn the practice DVDs for pole dancing

If you are learning with concrete specifications simply falls, then you, as a beginner, certainly have a corresponding one Exercise DVD the best opportunities to learn pole dance. You can watch the exercise DVD again and again until you have understood every little detail and your figures are almost perfect.

It should also be mentioned that there is the possibility of initial “self-learning” through special Pole Dance DVDs. The exercise DVDs are available for beginners and advanced users. It must be said, however, that no DVD can replace an experienced trainer.

For beginners

In the DVDs for beginners you will learn everything about perfect full body workout. Get to know the trend sport for yourself. You will learn the most important ones step by step Basics. You will feel like you are in a training lesson, in a pole dance class. Learn the technical subtleties of for example Pole seats, Climbs and Floorworks.

Get to know how to combine the individual exercises with one another and also work out your own elegant choreography. So you not only surprise yourself, but also your partner!

For advanced

In the training lessons on DVDs for advanced learners, you will learn the most popular techniques of professional pole dancers. Here you come with me Inverts, mounts and Floorworks on one high level of difficulty. Afterwards you will be a professional at pole dancing, you will master every exercise in the twinkling of an eye and you can even do it individual choreographies create.

Combine the perfect performance with each other and experience a Full body fitness workout from your own creativity out. thanks to the uncomplicated instructions With the respective trainer, you climb the "podium of your individual pole dance training" from time to time and thus continue to educate yourself.

With this type of training you must of course not neglect the fun. General studies from brain research have shown that learning is best with a healthy amount of passion and fun. - So also withLearn pole dance.   

Learning pole dance is not as difficult as you think

Around Learn pole dance there are a few important things to keep in mind. It starts with preparing for yourFull body fitness workout and ends with the equipment for individual training. See below which aspects are particularly in focus of the Learn pole dance are:

The preparation

Do you want to start your workout? Then do not use a cream under any circumstances. This increases the risk of slipping on the pole dance pole. It is best to wash your hands thoroughly before training in order to have the perfect grip on the bar later when performing the figures. Save strength, relieve your hands and train more effectively.

The mentioned grip is a very important component, which affects your workout end result.

Time & rest

When you train to To learn pole dance, then you need time and, above all, rest. Do not allow yourself to be distracted by outside influences during your training sessions. Only do the sport when you are rested! concentration is the be-all and end-all of pole dancing.

The warm-up phase

There are several ways you can warm up your muscles for exercise. How trained are your muscles and how well is your circulatory system adapted to short-term athletic exertion? If your muscles are too cold for the sport and you practice on the pole dance, the risk of injury is very high. You should therefore avoid training on the pole dance bar without a corresponding warm-up phase.

Start withlight exercises! Use only a little force at first! If you are still a beginner, you should be particularly careful. Over time, you can expand and intensify these exercises individually.

The first exercises

As a beginner, you should start with easy and simple exercises.

Do not overload training sessions

At theLearn pole dance It is important that you, as a beginner, but also in the advanced phase, take breaks at regular intervals. You will quickly find that your strength dwindles if you exercise too intensely. That's why our tip on the side: Constantly pushing your limits can have a negative effect on your training success in the long run.

Improve fitness

Were you one of those people who thought your fitness wasn't the right thing to do? You have now decided on the sport of pole dance. During the training, you will quickly find out what fun fitness can be. Even in everyday life, you will notice after a very short time the positive energy with which you start the day. In short: you will feel increasingly fitter.

You will gradually improve your fitness and health. After all, as a beginner, you will learn step by step how to move, like that Body tension how you can improve your overall fitness.

Pole dance figures

Basically you have the chance to learn every pole dance figure yourself. However, the training frequencies must be consistent. The more you exercise, the faster you will become a pro. Think about your muscles and your condition!

Pole dance equipment

The most important Pole dance equipment are available from us: www.polesportshop.de. You will definitely find what you are looking for here and are well equipped for your pole dance sport. 🙂