What do I call my cousin daughter

My cousin's daughter is to me ...?


For some time there has been an argument within the family, which has resulted in me and other family members no longer being allowed to see our little cousins. To put it in a nutshell:

Aunt A told Aunt B's fiancé that Aunt B cheated on him while they were briefly apart (which was a lie).

This led to a really ugly separation, as well as to the fact that Aunt B is now allowed to raise her children without her fiancé (the father of the kids), they will no longer marry and live separately.

Of course, everyone is angry with Aunt A now, but she doesn't see what she did wrong. Everyone broke off contact with her. Some have done this before because of other disputes, e.g. me.

But since we just can't stand Aunt A anymore, but have nothing against her children (my little cousin [14] and my cousin [1]), we would of course like to see them every now and then (especially on birthdays, holidays, etc.) .).

Now there is the problem; Aunt A forbids her children to interact with us, because we are of course all on Aunt B's side in the argument.

Now here comes the question; Can you do that? Forbid your children, especially my little cousin (14), to see me or anyone else in the family? We are not a threat to these children, in any way. None of us has anything to do with any illegal activities or has ever attracted serious attention from the police.

Since I haven't found any specific answers anywhere, and currently can't afford a lawyer to advise me, I thought I'd ask here. I hope you can help me, because I and the others in the family would like to see my little cousin (1) for the first time at least once.