When can we feed Cerelac puppies


  • I know lovebirds feed their chicks for the first two weeks, but what food do they need to feed them?

    The mother lovebird excretes a clear liquid in the first few days. Later she feeds the chick what she eats. So make sure she eats healthy foods like seeds, apple, banana, corn, and spinach leaves. Crushed eggshells help build calcium levels.

  • Does the female or male lovebird or nobody watch over the babies and for how long?

    The parents watch over the babies until they feel they can survive on their own. That depends in different cases. A lovebird becomes fully grown (approximately a month and a half old).

  • My female lovebird laid four eggs about two weeks ago. I notice that the bird woman doesn't move much. I am afraid that she is sick. Can you tell me why she isn't much and if she might be sick?

    She recently laid eggs, which is a grueling process. Please increase your diet and add shredded chicken egg shells (to increase your calcium levels). Give her corn and spinach leaves. If possible, add some protein (only once a week). You will see how it grows in strength.

  • My lovebird only laid 2 eggs. This is your first time, is this normal? However, it is sitting on the eggs.

    Yeah, it's okay, give her time. She can lay more eggs. If not, it's okay.

  • Why aren't my lovebird's eggs being fertilized? This pair had previously bred successfully three times.

    In lovebirds, fertility is not guaranteed in every case. Maybe they'll have chicks later.

  • At the beginning of the year I was given a pair of lovebirds. About two months later I had three birds, the baby was fully feathered and out of the nest. I just noticed that there are three little birds left in the nest. How do I stop them from hatching more eggs?

    In order to prevent hatching, the pair must be separated, but I am against it. What you can do is remove the eggs from the nest shortly after the female lovebird lays it. That way she won't warm them up and chicks won't form.

  • My lovebird's egg is from the nest box. Can I put the egg back? Will the lovebird accept this egg?

    First, put the egg back in the nesting box and see if the mother lovebird accepts it or not.

  • Should we separate the male and female lovebirds after laying eggs?

    No, the male and female lovebirds should not be separated. The male lovebird feeds the female and the female in turn feeds the newborn chick.

  • After the first eggs hatch, could I take it out of the nest box and hand-feed the chick? What will the hen eat to feed her babies?

    You can hand-feed the chick once it's three weeks old. It is then easier to deal with. The hen will eat everything you give her. Give her healthy foods like corn, bananas, apples, spinach leaves, and crushed eggshells (sprinkle the pieces on top of her food).

  • I have four lovebirds. The couples each laid one and two eggs. Now I observe that the 1st couple does not go to the nest and sit in the other box. What should I do?

    Are you saying that the female lovebird is not sitting on the egg? Maybe it's sterile, that's why she isn't.

  • I thought we shouldn't touch a lovebird's eggs or she'll throw them out of the nest?

    Yes, please don't touch the eggs.

  • What if my bird doesn't like water? How can I put them in warm water?

    Put a bowl of water near them. When she jumps in, you know she's okay with it. If not, you'll have to hold it and put it in the water.

  • My female lovebird laid 4 eggs in total, but only 1 hatched. Do I take the other eggs out of the nest or should I just leave them in the nest with the hatched chick?

    Please remove the eggs that ...
  • My lovebird lays eggs and their belly feathers have fallen. Can you please tell me why this happened

    My lovebird has also lost a few feathers from the abdominal region. This can happen due to the stress of storing and laying eggs. The feathers grow back over time. You can include vitamin supplements in your lovebird's diet and crushed eggshells (source of calcium). Please do not worry.

  • My lovebird laid four eggs and one egg hatched in them. How do I increase the hatching rate? Why don't many eggs hatch?

    There is no way to increase the hatching rate. The natural process works on its way.

  • How do I know if my lovebird is male or female?

    It is really difficult to distinguish between them. However, they can distinguish these signs:

    1. The most obvious sign is that the female is laying eggs. If you have two wives, you have two clutches. If there are no eggs, then both are men.

    2. Female lovebirds are slightly heavier than males. You sit with a broader posture.

    3. Females love to shred paper, leaves, and anything they think is a nest. So the next time you let your lovebirds out, give them a piece of paper each. See who rip it to pieces and put it in the back first.

    Remember that there can be exceptions.

  • How can we identify hatching eggs in African lovebirds?

    The hatched eggs contain chicks.

  • The last egg of my female budgie hatched. She fed her chicks well, but a few days later the youngest chick died. Why did it die? The older chicks are still alive.

    Survival is difficult in nature, especially with smaller birds and animals. I've faced the same.

  • A week ago I bought two pairs of lovebirds and kept them in a cage. When will they lay eggs?

    Are the couples of lovebirds buddies? If so, give them time to mate. Once that's done, they'll lay eggs a week later. If the couples are not partners, it will take a few months for them to bond.

  • My lovebird laid three eggs almost a month ago. At first she sat on it, but now she refuses to sit on it. Is this normal behavior? If not, what should I do?

    That's because she knows the eggs are sterile (my lovebird has done the same countless times). You can remove the eggs and throw them away. If there had been a chick in any of them, they would have hatched within 25 days.

  • My lovebird laid an egg. It's been two full days and she hasn't laid one yet. Should I be concerned and if so what can I do?

    Egg-laying can be delayed if the lovebird is tired or feels weak. Please give her crushed eggshells (which will raise her calcium levels). You can also put them in a bowl of warm water. This will relax her muscles and she will be able to lay the egg.

  • My lovebird laid eggs outside the nesting box ... What should I do?

    You can use a spoon and place the eggs in the nest box.

  • Is It Bad To Take My Lovebird's Eggs When I Can't Take Care Of More Babies?

    It would be bad if your lovebird got too attached to the eggs. Do you find them sitting on top of them shortly after they are placed?

  • My female lovebird had laid 4 eggs. Today I bought a bigger cage and moved the birds and the same breeding pot. But now the bird does not go into the pot and does not sit on the eggs. What is the reason?

    I think your female lovebird ...
  • What happens if I touch a lovebird egg?

    If you touch a lovebird woman's eggs, she will think they are contaminated and are not sitting on them.

  • I have 2 pairs in the same cage. Two of them are paired, the other two are in the preparatory phase. Will there be a problem for the partners to mate?

    No, the two lovebirds have no problems during mating.

  • My lovebirds laid their eggs, but my male lovebird flew away. I couldn't catch it. Will the female be able to take care of the egg on her own?

    Please give your bird a new partner. A male lovebird is needed when he feeds the female lovebird, supports him and later also feeds the chicks.

  • When can we separate the lovebirds after they hatch?

    A 2-3 week stage is a good time to separate the babies from their parent lovebirds. They are then easier to keep and feed.

  • I've heard from people that if you see a lovebird egg, they are most likely to throw it out of their nest. Is that true ?

    No, you can see her eggs, that's not a problem. However, you shouldn't touch them.

  • My birds mated over a month ago, but no eggs were laid. Why is this?

    Your female lovebird may not be old enough to breed.

  • My African lutino lovebird laid four eggs, but they won't hatch after 30 days. This is the first time she lays eggs. There is a problem?

    It is common for lovebirds to lay sterile eggs. There is nothing to worry about.

  • Can I check my lovebirds' eggs? I heard people try to touch their balls, they can break?

    No, you can't touch their eggs with your fingers, but you can definitely look at them.

  • If we cannot touch the eggs, then how can we tell if they will be born?

    You can lift the eggs with a spoon and look at them under the light. If red veins are visible (after 10 days of laying), it means that a chick is growing inside. If it is sterile, the egg will appear empty.

  • My female lovebird only laid one egg. Should I be concerned?

    No, you shouldn't. She will lay them every other day.

  • I have a pair of lovebirds that have laid five eggs. Only three hatched. Can I remove the two that have not yet hatched?

    Yes, you should remove the two unhatched eggs.

  • How many days do the baby lovebirds come out of the box after they hatch?

    That totally depends on the parent lovebirds. As soon as they feel that the babies are old enough, they are thrown out of the nest box themselves.

  • Do I have to remove the male lovebird when the eggs are laid?

    No, you shouldn't remove the male lovebird after the eggs have been laid. The male lovebird will feed the female and his presence is necessary. However, if the female overprotects the eggs and tries to injure the male, it is better to separate them.

  • If both lovebirds are green with peach colored faces, can their babies be different colors?

    Yes, it is possible that one of the lovebirds could contain a rare gene.

  • My lovebirds are six months old, according to the shopkeepers. We took them in as pets, but they had a natural affair in their cage. What can I do and how is it possible?

    A lovebird by six months of age is mature enough to find their own mate. There is nothing to worry about.

  • Ruby, my lovebird, has just laid her first egg, we don't want her to have babies. At the same time, just taking them out and throwing them away would make me feel so horrible. Also, I've heard that this could cause her to keep it in other eggs. What am I doing? I don't want the eggs to hatch, but I don't want to hurt their feelings either.

    I understand your feelings You can replace the newly hatched eggs with dummy eggs. Ruby may or may not sit on the wrong eggs, but once the eggs are laid remove them immediately. The eggs begin to form into chicks at least 10 days after incubation.

  • My lovebird laid six eggs every other day. The last two were much smaller than the first four. Why is this?

    Lovebird eggs can vary in size. I also experienced that with the laying of my lovebird.

  • My lovebird only laid one egg. Will she lie more?

    The mother lovebird lays more eggs every other day. She will sit on it and give them warmth.

  • Can I move my love birds to a bigger cage while she is sitting on their eggs?

    Yes you can. No ...
  • I checked the lovebird eggs this morning. A chick hatched overnight but it was dead. Any ideas why? It looks perfectly shaped.

    Survival is difficult and newborns are very weak. Only a few chicks (out of many) survive and grow up.

  • My lovebird laid her first egg last week, which fell off the shelf and cracked. This week, exactly seven days later, she put the second egg in her box. She mated. Is that normal?

    If she laid an egg seven days later, it means she and the male lovebird will mate again.

  • When does a lovebird lay eggs?

    A lovebird lays eggs with or without a partner. With a partner, she can lay fertile eggs.

  • How do I know if a lovebird is male or female?

    It's really hard to tell between them, but a female lovebird sits with wide legs and lays eggs. Women shred paper into strips and put them in the back.

  • Can I feed my baby lovebirds Cerelac?

    Not Cerelac for people, but you can give them a special formula. It will be available at a local pet store.

  • My budgie laid an egg, but she's not sitting on it. Will she deliver the next egg today or tomorrow?

    She could deliver it every other day.

  • Is it good to put a roof over the lovebird's nest?

    That's fine if the birds are okay with it.

  • When does the bird lay another egg after eggs hatch?

    That's after the bird and her partner.

  • A friend of mine has a pair of peach-colored lovebirds with eggs. Will the babies be the same color as the parents?

    Yes, the chicks 'color is most likely the same as their parents' color unless they have recessive genes.

  • What can we do to make lovebirds mate?

    Lovebirds mate when they're comfortable. All we can do is wait.

  • My female lovebird laid five eggs, but they are sterile. Should i take them out?

    Yes, it is best to take them out. To make sure they are sterile, wait 21-25 days after laying.

  • My female lovebird had placed an egg in the breeding pot and I bought a larger cage. Can I move them to a new cage?

    Yes, you can move them.

  • If you don't have a nest box, will a lovebird just lay their eggs on the bars of their cage?

    Yes it will happen.
  • My lovebird laid 3 eggs (all fertile). I only light them by candlelight and there are big babies in them but they don't come out. Any suggestions? It's after their hatch date.

    Is the woman a lovebird ...
  • Can a pair of lovebirds lay seven eggs?

    Yes, a female lovebird can lay four to ten eggs in a clutch.

  • Does the male African lovebird hold the egg for incubation?

    No, only the females incubate the egg.

  • Do lovebirds have problems laying eggs?

    Yes, they do. I mentioned infertility in lovebirds at the end of my article.

  • My lovebirds don't lay eggs. What should I do?

    Your lovebird may not be female or not a year old.

  • I have 2 lovebirds whose colors are the same as yours. The bird laid 3 eggs, but after a few days there are only 2 eggs left in the nest. Both birds play well, but now I have doubts whether they are both women or a couple. Can we identify the sex of our lovebirds? The eggs are there, there is a lot of material in the nest box and the 2 eggs are covered.

    A male lovebird tends to ...
  • My female lovebird bites her male partner until blood comes out, so I gave the male to my aunt and he's happy. But the female does not eat and has two eggs. Why doesn't she eat?

    She doesn't eat because she is depressed. Please get your partner back immediately and put him in another cage next to the female's cage.

  • My lovebird only laid one egg both times. Is that OK?

    Yes that is fine. The laying of eggs is different in each case.

  • My lovebird's baby doesn't move. It has been in the same position in the box since last night! Is she dead? How will I find out? When she's dead what should I do?

    Just touch it and see if it moves.You can hold her and feel her breathing (the chest area moves). When she's dead, you have to take her out of the box. I'm so sorry.

  • My lovebird laid eggs four times, but she broke them herself. What needs to be done

    Your lovebird needs to know that these eggs do not contain chicks. That's why she breaks it by herself.

  • After I laid eggs, my lovebirds sat on them for only fifteen days. Now they no longer sit all the time. What's the problem with them?

    The eggs could be sterile (and the lovebirds know about it, mine did the same) or they could be "contaminated" according to the lovebird.

  • Do you know Java finches? I found two birds with eleven eggs, are they both female?

    I'm sorry, but I don't know anything about Java finches. If there are eleven eggs, your birds could be female. You'll have to wait and see if any of the eggs hatch. If not, the two are female.

  • My lovebirds don't lay eggs. I bought them a year ago. Can you please tell me why they don't lay eggs?

    There can be many reasons:

    1. You may have two men.

    2. The birds (although of different sexes) must be younger than one year.

    3. They are not allowed to mate properly.

    4. They couldn't be partners.

    5. The diet could be bad.

  • I have a female lovebird who laid eggs. Her buddy died and she won't go to the nest. What can I do?

    Please get her a new partner.

  • How many days do lovebirds incubate?

    The incubation period is 21-25 days.

  • Will the lovebird put the second clutch and when?

    The female lovebird lays a second clutch after incubating the first clutch. If there are young animals, she will take care of them. If not, you will have to discard the eggs 25 days after they were laid.

  • What should I do right when my lovebirds eggs hatch?

    Please make sure the chicks ...
  • If the lovebird's eggs are laid on different days, will they hatch on the same day?

    No, they will keep hatching ...
  • How do I know if the lovebird is male or female?

    Lovebirds are difficult to tell apart. The most obvious difference between them is that the females lay eggs. There are other differences:

    1. Women sit with wider legs; Your built looks heavier than the male.

    2. Male lovebirds feed the females (belching) by moving their heads up and down.

    3. Women love to shred paper into strips and place them in the back (nesting behavior).

  • Can I look at the eggs of my lovebirds?

    Yes you can when your lovebirds lay them, but you shouldn't be touching them.

  • Why doesn't my lovebird lay eggs?

    A lovebird cannot lay eggs for many reasons. The most common are:

    1. Either she is not a year old or she is older than five years

    2. Malnutrition, infertility, and loose perches (the man cannot balance himself) are possible

    3. Bad diet is another cause. Feed your lovebirds fruits like apple, banana, and grapes. Give them corn, spinach leaves, and add crushed eggshells to their seed husks.

  • I have 1 male and 2 female lovebirds. How can I know which bird loves the other?

    Notice the closeness between them. Can you find the male near one of the females? Is he trying to feed one of them? In this case, he can bond with one of them. Please buy another male lovebird so the other woman (when pairing) doesn't feel lonely.

  • Should I crack the lovebird egg? It takes a long time and doesn't break. My bird doesn't have a partner.

    No, you shouldn't even touch the egg. Let the egg crack by itself. If it does not hatch within 21-25 days of the bird laying it, you can discard it.

  • I have two female and one male lovebird. One of the females had three babies, the other had two batches of four eggs and none hatched. Is It Okay to Have Two Wives and One Man?

    It's not okay, the two women can fight. I would suggest that you buy another male lovebird.

  • My lovebird placed a sterile egg with blood on it on the bottom of the cage. Should I be worried that she's hurt?

    Please check the bottom of your lovebird. Apply turmeric powder if there is a sore.

  • My lovebirds lay a lot of eggs and don't hatch. I'm throwing them away after a month (unfortunately) but I'm concerned. They have been together for almost 2 years and she only had 3 successful babies. I need help. I feel so bad about how many eggs I throw away each month. What should I do?

    It's all part of nature. I understand how sad you feel. I've been through the same thing. You can give your birds multivitamins and crushed eggshells (twice a week), but this will only make them stronger. It won't guarantee chicks.

  • I have a male and a female conure. The female laid 4 eggs in a nest box and this morning I found them dead and stiff at the bottom of the cage. Why was it like this?

    I'm so sorry to hear that. Did she have trouble laying eggs?

  • My lovebird laid 7 eggs. They all remained unhatched. Why is that happend?

    Hatched eggs are common. This can be due to poor diet, improper mating, or the male sex of the lovebirds.

  • My lovebird had laid 4 eggs. Of them 3 were broken by the hen. One egg is incubated. Will it hatch?

    If the incubation is done properly, hatching will occur 21-25 days after oviposition.

  • Can a male lovebird get pregnant?

    No it is not.

  • How long does it take for an African lovebird chick to reach full feather growth?

    It takes about six months for the chick to reach full feather growth.

  • My birds have laid eggs and hatched. Little did we know they had laid the eggs by day 12. Now we've found one of the chicks on the floor. What will happen next?

    Keep the chick in the nest box between the remaining eggs for support and safety. The mother lovebird takes care of the feeding.

  • If the female lovebird dies during pregnancy, does the male two die?

    It could happen, yes.