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Vegemite: All About Australia's No. 1 Spread

While Vegemite is very rare in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, it represents Australia's # 1 spread The popular yeast extract should not be missing from any Australian breakfast table. In Australia it is just as much a part of breakfast as with the Germans sausage, cheese or Nutella and with the Americans the peanut butter. But why is it that Vegemite is so difficult to obtain in Germany? This question is easy to answer. Due to its taste, which took getting used to, it simply could not prevail in this country.


General information about the yeast extract

Vegemite is without a doubt Australia's most popular spread and is therefore also called "the taste of Australia". Since it contains almost 8 percent salt, it was feared that it would be taxed higher or even disappear from the supermarket shelves as part of a healthy eating initiative. However, Julia Gillard guaranteed that as long as she holds the post of Prime Minister, Vegemite is not in danger. After all, it is part of Australia and she is a passionate connoisseur of yeast extract.

During the Second World War, the Australian soldiers always had a daily ration of Vegemite in their luggage. When the Chinese government wanted to ban the import of the spread at the time of the Beijing Olympics, the Australians were shocked because even the nutritionist of the Olympic team emphasized the importance of this product for her protégés. Even if the taste may seem a bit strange to us, the Australians don't have fun when it comes to their sacred yeast extract.


Ingredients & nutritional value

Vegemite is quite nutritious at 811 kj (194 kcal) per 100 g. In addition, the following nutritional values ​​must be given: 25.6% protein (protein), 19.5% carbohydrates (1.7% of which is sugar), almost no fat, some niacin, thiamine, riboflavin, folic acid and sodium. However, the average daily requirement should not be higher than 5 grams, as otherwise too much salt would be absorbed through the diet. Since the yeast extract is usually spread on white bread with butter or margarine, such a sandwich is not exactly low in calories.


Where can I buy Vegemite in Germany?

Buying Vegemite in Germany is not that easy, as almost no supermarket carries this product. So a German fan of this spread has no choice but to go to a well-stocked Australian store and buy it there. Of course, the yeast extract is also available from various providers on the Internet.


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