Who Owns hotwire com


I don't want to advertise with the following tip. If it does not comply with the forum rules, please delete it!

At the moment there are various portals such as B. hotwire.com or lastminute.de that offer such "secret hotels".

For example at hotwire.com you can see the number of stars of the hotel, the location (e.g. district in London) and the hotel rating from TripAdvisor, but not the name. With such "secret hotels" you can certainly (?) Get very good bargains, because you only find out which hotel you are going to after booking. This z. B. four star hotels sold below their normal room price.

Personally, I haven't tried it yet, maybe I'll try it out when I get the chance.

So if you only want a good (star!) Accommodation and a good location in London, you could certainly (?) Get one or the other bargain on such promotions. Sometimes breakfast is even included in the price!

Has anyone been able to gain experience with such "secret hotels" or perhaps even knows other portals for them?

Hope to have given one or the other a good tip!

Everyone has to know for themselves whether they think the respective price is cheap or a bargain!

I've also heard of such offers, where you don't know which hotel is behind the offer. On the one hand, of course, it is understandable that something like this is attractive for hotels because they no longer sell their rooms at their normal list prices if they offer them on portals such as HRS with a best price guarantee (note: I work in a hotel at reception) .

As a traveler, I would not take advantage of such offers despite the attractive prices. I would be too risky to end up in a hotel because I may have had bad experiences.