How selective are Facebook internships


At the ATN, we encourage our students to take every opportunity to look over the shoulders of practitioners in conjunction with their training. In some cases, we can arrange internships here on request. However, you can also learn a great deal if you do internships and internships "on your own", because there are many animal professionals all over the country who do a great job - even if they do not teach or have learned at the ATN themselves .

Admittedly, there is also the risk that you will occasionally see things in your internship that you reject and that you know would not be an option for you. It can also be that you are confronted with things that you cannot classify at first.

But don't let that put you off - it's about learning. And you never only learn something when you are shown how something supposedly works “right”. Nobody has leased the only salvation truth for themselves, which is why it is so important to constantly learn and develop. “Mistakes” of others will challenge you. On the one hand with regard to the questions "how do I deal with it?", "What am I addressing?" and "how do I address something?". On the other hand, it is about your own reflection: You learn an enormous amount if you question exactly why you don't like something, why you consider something to be a "mistake", why you would do something differently yourself - and how. Sometimes you learn a lot more from such discussion than you would have learned if everything had been shown "perfectly" to you. But remember that no one is perfect, no animal, no human, and no real life situation either.

Please also remember that our tutors will be happy to assist you in discussing and questioning experiences or observations. Even if you do an internship "alone" and "on your own", you are not alone with this internship. When you contact your supervisor and fellow students, use the connectivist idea!