When will Crime Patrol Satark episodes air?

A + E becomes CI:
Crime + Investigation: Campaign and program of the true crime broadcaster

Sebastian Wilhelmi, Senior Director Marketing and Creative at A + E, gives the media value (investments plus cooperation) at around 725,000 euros. The potential reach for the measures is 39 million contacts.

A second campaign will promote the broadcast of CI's first German in-house production, "The Invisible Line - The Story of the Wave" (more on this below) towards the end of the year.

Crime for women

When the program was presented, the managing director explained Andreas Weinek the considerations behind the new branding. Nowadays, a general interest channel in pay TV like A&E is becoming increasingly difficult to market - but the factual crime formats in the program have worked well. On the one hand with greater reach than other programs, on the other hand with a clearly more female target group. "That complements our channel set well," said Weinek, referring to the History-Channel that men in particular tune into.

In fact, A & E's viewership has changed from an almost 50:50 distribution of women and men to a proportion of women of a good 60 percent. According to the broadcaster, the average age is almost 40 years.

And women - this is confirmed by reader analyzes of magazines such as Star crime - seem to love true crime stories. Emanuel Rotstein, Director Programming of A + E Networks Germany: "Studies suggest that true crime formats especially fascinate women in many ways."

You will now find plenty of them at CI from the end of June. "Our expectations are high," said Weinek. He even expects better ranges than with History.

Rotstein announced documentaries and documentary series that are intended to inform as well as entertain. The lion's share is accounted for by in-house productions by the international A + E group - program director Rotstein announced at least once a year a German in-house production.

Like "The Invisible Line - The Story of the Wave" (working title), produced by Rotstein himself. The show revolves around the teacher's social experiment Ron Jones "The Third Wave", with which he wanted to convey to his students in Palo Alto why fascism could become so strong in Germany. Rotstein: "The production draws attention to the present day and to the threat to our basic social order from fascism, which is burgeoning in many places." Ron Jones, who traveled to Munich to present the program, said he regretted having carried out this experiment today and thus put his students in danger. The documentary is expected to be broadcast towards the end of the year, an exact date has not yet been set.

The CI program also includes documentaries such as "In Love with a Prisoner", "The Hunt for JonBenét's Killer", "Price of Honor" or documentary series, including "24 to Life - The Last Day in Freedom", "Divided States - Against the Hatred "and" Police Patrol ".

Andreas Weinek, Managing Director of A + E Networks Germany: "With the renaming of the station to Crime + Investigation now follows the consequent step towards an even clearer positioning."