Why hire a qualified wedding planner

That's why you need a process for your wedding!

Your wedding day is just around the corner and you've thought of everything. The service providers have been briefed, the guests are entertained, your budget has not been exceeded - but have you also prepared the big day yourself: Do you have a schedule for your wedding?

Procedure wedding? Nobody needs it!

A schedule for an entire wedding day may seem tedious and unnecessary. But it will save you a lot of stress and unnecessary worries at your wedding!

My husband and I also made a schedule for our wedding. And it was sorely needed ... In retrospect I am incredibly happy and relieved that we had him, as he was an incredible support for us on our day.

Why do you also need a schedule for your wedding day? These seven points tell you!

With a schedule you avoid waiting times that are too long

If you create a schedule, you will see where there are too long periods in which nothing happens. It is precisely these periods of time that can be annoying at a wedding: For example, you can check whether the intervals between appetizers, dinner, cake and cake are too large and reduce them accordingly so that no guest gets hungry. Or you can see whether you could be away from your guests for too long (keyword bridal couple shooting!) And whether they can get bored during this time.

Avoids stress due to insufficient buffer

At the same time, when creating a schedule, you can see whether you need more buffers at your wedding. Remember that you have to take a breather and have ten minutes to yourself! Even unofficial program items such as trips between church and location, congratulations or the check-in of your guests take time.

Your guests can prepare for the day

Ideally, you should communicate to your guests in advance how roughly the wedding celebration will go. So you can prepare accordingly. Are you planning a long party at the end? Your guests might like to take a second pair of comfortable shoes with them. Your free ceremony lasts an hour? Guests with children can take their little ones one or two toys with them to keep them busy.

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A schedule for the wedding is important for service providers

Service providers also want to be able to adapt to their tasks. Therefore, a fixed time schedule is important for them too! So you can tell your photographer in advance when you will be at which location and he can look for the ideal locations for photos according to the position of the sun. Catering and musicians or DJs also need to know what to do when and therefore need precise information on timing in advance.

The timing can become budget-relevant

Also important: Photographers, DJs and musicians as well as service staff and sometimes even locations are booked by the hour or up to a certain time. You can use a schedule to check whether the hours you have booked are sufficient.

Example: You are planning the first dance for 9:00 p.m. and it should be photographed. But the photographer is only booked for 8 hours and starts at 10 a.m.? Then you either have to move the first dance forward, book the photographer longer or ask a photo-talented guest to take photos.

Someone can keep track of the time

Even if you plan to do a lot yourself at your wedding: Believe me, you won't have time for it! My husband and I just ran from A to B at our wedding (and we had a great time!). Never in life could we have made sure that the schedule was adhered to.

However, if you have a fixed schedule, you can give it to your groomsmen in advance. At your wedding, they will ensure that the timings are roughly adhered to and that no program item is lost.

Relaxed with a schedule on the wedding day

For me the biggest bonus of a schedule: You will be much, much more relaxed than without it. As soon as you have structured your day and all important points are fixed, a huge burden will fall off your shoulders. Believe me!

Because you will know: you are perfectly prepared. You have thought of everything.

And if you forget something about the wedding, that's absolutely no problem. You just look at your schedule or your groomsmen remind you (after all, they're armed with the schedule;)). So you don't have to stress yourself and you can really enjoy your wedding!

Have you already written a schedule for your wedding? Excellent!

If not - what are the biggest hurdles for you, why you have not yet made a daily routine for your wedding celebration? Let me know in the comments and I'll be happy to help.

best regards
Your Kristina

Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash