What is a Mobile Application Development Course

Module description - Development of mobile applications

numberECTS3.0Level of aspirationadvancedContents overviewIn this module, the limits and challenges of developing mobile, distributed applications are conveyed. The students will deal with different mobile platforms in depth. The focus is on the specific concepts that have to be considered when developing applications on mobile devices. The technologies used are for illustration and exercise purposes. The topics are:

  • Architectures for mobile applications
  • Human Computer Interaction & User Interface Development
  • performance
  • Data management on mobile devices
  • Mobile communication
  • Frameworks and Tools

learning goals
  • Students are able to describe the limits and technical challenges posed by mobile devices and wireless communication.
  • You can describe and apply various programming models and architectures for developing mobile applications.
  • You can apply the components and structures of a framework for mobile software development.
  • They can evaluate suitable tools and frameworks for the development of mobile applications and use them efficiently and they know their areas of application and limitations.
  • You can implement mobile distributed applications.

Recommended previous knowledge
  • Object-oriented programming 2 (oop2)
  • Design Patterns (depa)

Performance evaluationExperience gradeFurther informationMobile application development