What do you think of librarians

If there is one thing at the university that is not lacking, then it is the books, whether printed or digital. There are over 3.5 million of them in the university library alone. But not only these are guarded by librarians in the UB and in 64 specialist libraries at the university.

They mostly work quietly, if not secretly: the librarians at the University of Freiburg. Books have long ceased to be her only protégés. Digital media such as e-journals, e-books, DVDs, streams and databases are also included. Our student interns Falk and Lasse found out what it means to be a librarian and what skills and qualities you need for this job in an interview with librarian Birgit Spiteri.


The university library

Lots going on here! The “New UB” was built from 2008 to 2015. In the first three years, 10 million visitors used the new building. In addition to the reading rooms and the Parlatorium, the UB also houses the media center and the uniCROSS editorial office. Most of the books are stored in the underground storage area under the university library.

More book knowledge

Not enough books?

3.5 million books, that's as many books as Berlin has inhabitants. In the German seminar, all books are sorted thematically and alphabetically. The signature label usually has two letters for seminar, institute and department as well as a number for subject and author. In addition to the UB, there are over 60 specialist libraries that are distributed across all faculties.

Precious "treasures"

Very old, special and rare books are kept in separate rooms or vaults and can only be viewed with special permission. They are marked with a yellow stripe.

Versatile tasks

Librarians are responsible for proposing new books, holding buying meetings with professors and subject specialists, cataloging new books and classifying them thematically. They also check whether the existing books are in the right places. And they also advise students on literature and where to find it.

New literature from the book delivery

New books are supplied by publishers and bookstores. There are more and more books in the libraries, because new ones are ordered every month, so librarians have to sort them out. However, three out of four new purchases at the university library are now digital books.

Your own “mini library” for your thesis.

If you always want to have your literature together for an elaborate work, you can borrow a book trolley free of charge from the German Seminar.

Become a librarian

The university library trains specialists for media and information services, academic librarians and IT specialists. Here you can find out more about the training options.

Photos: Sinja Kilius Published on April 11, 2019