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What is the salary of chemical engineers?

The salary of a chemical engineer has a wide range. Positions in the pharmaceutical industry, vehicle construction or even directly in the chemical industry are particularly well paid. In large companies, you can usually earn significantly more than in medium-sized or small companies and the higher the degree, the higher up the salary.

But which chemical engineer actually earns how much? In the following, you will find an overview of the income graduates from a Bachelor's or Master's degree can expect when they start their careers and how the average salary can develop over the further course of a chemical engineer’s career.

Starting salary

With a bachelor's degree, the starting salary of a chemical engineer is on average 40,000 euros per year, according to the portal Berufsstart. Those who have a master’s degree can expect a starting salary of around 46,000 euros. Regardless of the qualification, however, the salary for starting a career can also vary significantly. Up to 20,000 euros per year more or less are possible in extreme cases. For the survey, twelve companies were asked about starting salaries with a bachelor's degree and 14 about income with a master’s degree (as of 2018).

The Ingenieur.de website set the starting salary for a chemical engineer in 2017 at over 55,000 euros. According to the portal, master’s graduates can achieve an average of 4,000 euros more than Bachelor’s graduates in salary negotiations.

With professional experience

The average chemical engineer has seven years of professional experience, works full-time and earns almost 74,000 euros, according to the salary analysis portal. In terms of the average salary, Ingenieur.de attests a little more to the average chemical engineer when he works in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. The portal's salary test from 2017 resulted in an income of 81,553 euros in this case. Chemical engineers in engineering and planning offices therefore earn only 51,000 euros. The other industries line up in between.

The sometimes massive differences show that it is not only important for chemical engineers to gain professional experience in order to benefit from the highest possible salary. Ideally, you should also select the right industry for this.

In a management position and with personnel responsibility

Chemical engineers who climb the career ladder higher than the average can possibly increase their salary even further. In a management position or with personnel responsibility, it is quite possible to earn more than 100,000 euros a year. However, the expected salary also depends on the location at which a chemical engineer works.

By state

In addition to the respective degree and professional experience already gained, the salaries for chemical engineers also differ according to federal states. While, according to the salary reporter, an employee with no work experience in Baden-Württemberg can earn around 65,000 euros, in Saxony-Anhalt it is a little less than 49,000 euros. The total values ​​for each individual state can be found in the following table: