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GeneralThe effect of the cobra venom focuses on this Heart; Cardiac hypertrophy and valve defects. Also affects the elongated spinal cord and cerebellum; on Breathing, throat and ovaries. Left sided symptoms. Nervous, agitated and shaky, with heart trouble; often reflex problems. Feeling of being drunk; Loss of control of the limbs, or of the sphincter muscles; can't speak. Fainting spells. Feeling of disappearing. Feeling as if parts of the body were contracted. [Feeling as if the heart and ovary were being pulled up at the same time, and a feeling of contraction between these two organs.] Constriction sensations: in the chest, in the throat, etc., feelings as if screwed in. Burning like a hot iron. Lots of pain. Collapse. Sepsis. Evil consequences of grief. Right side numb. Heart disease in asymptomatic cases.
WorseLie on your left. After sleep. After menstruation. Cold Air; Drafts. Clothing print. Alcohol. Contact.
BetterGo or Driving in an open car. Sneeze. Smoke.
Mind and spiritConstantly brooding over imaginary problems; feels very miserable because of it. Thoughts of suicide, brooding, suicidal delusional states. Depressed, with discomfort in the sexual sphere1; better in the evening. Reluctance to speak. Fear of being left alone. Fear of rain. Feeling like everything you did was wrong and couldn't be fixed.2
headPain in the left temple and left orbital region extending to the back of the head with nausea and vomiting; better from smoking. The whole head as if hollow. Suddenly he feels as if he has been hit on the back of his head and neck. Part of the head sensitive to cold. Headache since menstruation stopped [during menopause]. Pain in forehead and temples, with cardiac symptoms.
eyesBull look. Ptosis of both eyelids. Hot burning pain behind the eyeballs.
EarsNoises in the ears, with a nauseating taste in the mouth. Black secretions that smell like herring brine.
noseLeakage of water from the nose; then sneezing heavily, making it easier to breathe. Hay fever with asthmatic symptoms.
mouthWide open; Salivation. Tongue cold. Loss of language.
neckFeeling of a lump in the throat. Suffocating Choke, grabs his neck3. Esophageal stricture, swallowing difficult or impossible.
stomachCravings for stimulants [alcohol] which make them worse. Belching, that of barley water4 tastes good; or hot and putrid.
Female genitalsPain from left ovary to heart, worst a week before your period. Obscure, indefinable pain in the left groin; after surgery.
respiratory tractBlowing breathing. Cardiac asthma; or heart cough. Dry or emptiness in the left lung. Feeling like the ribs are broken. Sharp pain and tightness in the chest, as if a hot iron had been pushed into the chest and a heavy weight was still pressing on top. Asthma, previously runny nose; worse lying down, better sitting up. Feelings of suffocation.
heartWeak heart. Violent heartache, that to the left shoulder blade, to the left shoulder or shoot to the neck; holds the hand on the heart; worse after driving in the car. Visible palpitations; Cardiac hypertrophy. Endocarditis, also septic. Heart damage left after infectious disease. Pulse slow (sometimes no more than 45), irregular, weak, shaky; unequal (pulsus inaequalis). Chronic nervous palpitations, worse after preaching. Low blood pressure.
extremitiesCramping pain in shoulders, thighs, neck. Left arm numb. Severe pain in the marrow of the thighbones. Puffy or sweaty hands and feet; with cough. Sharp pain under left thumbnail5pulling up the arm. Limb weakness.
sleepDeep comatose sleep; with stertorous breathing.
feverSweat in the lumbar area and ankles.
RelatedCimicifuga; Lachesis; Laurocerasus; Spigelia.
  • Poison from the Indian cobra ("glasses snake"), well well.

  • Various tests (including Stokes, Russell, Gillow, Pope) as well as numerous observations of intoxication; AE, Volume 6.

GeneralObtained from coal tar and has a special affinity for the eyes. Leads to retinal detachment and deposition of exudate on the retina. Corneal opacity; Cataract; Amblyopia.
  • Naphthalene, C.10H8; among other things the active principle of the mothballs.

  • Some poisoning observations and animal experiments; see Hughes, Cyclopedia, Volume 4, as well as Lewin, Poisons and poisoning.

Sodium arsenicosum
GeneralA valuable remedy for miners' asthma; asthma caused by coal haze. Excruciating cough, with a lot of greenish sputum. Chest and heart oppression. Feeling in the lungs as if you had inhaled smoke. Feels tired all over. Sensation as if the thyroid gland the thyroid cartilage] compressed between thumb and finger.
  • Sodium arsenite, sodium salt of metaarsenous acid, NaAsO2.

  • Examinations by an American group of examiners in AE, Volume 6.

Sodium carbonicum
GeneralSodium carbonate attacks the digestion and the annoy at. Patient is oversensitive against [cold] air; against music, noise, diet errors. Great exhaustion: from every effort; from the summer heat. Bloated. Slackening; Tendency to dislocations. Trembling in pain, cold sweat, Anxiety, etc., twitching in the muscles, in the limbs. Contractures of muscles, tendons. Emaciation. Anemia. Bad consequences of: sunstroke (consequences of a chronic nature); Revision while studying; Dislocations, strains. Infants who cannot tolerate milk but thrive on a grain diet; Children who start up in their sleep, cry and reach for their mother; nervous, frightened children. Swelling and induration of the glands and lymph nodes.
WorseHeat:Sun heat; hot weather (physical symptoms6). 5 am. Music. Spiritual or physical Effort. Masturbation. Milk. Diet failure. Drafts. Thunderstorm. Every second day. Full moon. Vegetarian food; starchy foods. Cold drinks when you're heated.
BetterEat. Rub. Move. Print. Wipe with your hand. Pierce your nose or ear with your finger. Sweat.
Mind and spiritUnwilling and irritable. Shy of company; even in front of one's own family, one's own husband. Sad. Just busy with sad thoughts. Music provokes suicidal tendencies, sadness or religious delusions. Lively; talkative. Anxious and timid, especially during a thunderstorm; However, this is independent of a specific fear of thunderstorms, it is directly due to the electrical changes in the atmosphere. After playing the piano for a short time, my chest felt anxious and trembled. Sensitive reaction to the presence of certain people. Slow and difficult grasping of thoughts [while reading and listening]. Unresponsive.
headDizziness: due to drinking wine; after mental exertion; in the sun. Headache: in hot weather; after the slightest mental exertion; from working under gas light. Headache, stinging out in the eyes; Head bent back. Head like too big. Hair loss.
eyesDazzling flashes or white stars in front of the eyes; on awakening7. Cloudy eyes, she always has to wipe. Can't read small writing.
EarsHearing impairment: with recurrent earache; after the absence of menstruation. The sound of a bubble bursting in your ear. [Pinching and popping in the right ear, in the morning.] When swallowing, sensation as if something was moving in the ear.
noseSwollen, or peeling of the skin on the nose. Red nose with white pimples on it. Catarrh: putrid, thick, yellow or green secretion. Cold, worse from the slightest draft, and every other day. Stuffy nose at night. Heavy sneezing. Retronasal catarrh. [A lot of nasal mucus comes out of the mouth.]
facePale, withered, bloated. Freckles; yellow spots [on forehead and upper lip]; Pimples. Swollen lips.
mouthDry. Bitter taste in the mouth; Food tastes bitter. Blisters and shallow ulcers in the mouth that are searing pain; leaves the mouth open. Toothache, worse from sweets and fruits. Sense of taste perverted; oversensitive. Affections of the underside of the tongue. Tongue heavy, "unfamiliar", "she gets mad at talking".
neckClears up a lot of mucus from the throat. Must drink so he can swallow solid due to roughness and dryness of the throat and throat. Throat hurts when yawning and when swallowing.
stomachIndigestion, [with displeasure and displeasure] even from minor dietary errors. Overacidification of the stomach. Aversion to milk; Milk creates diarrhea. Acid dyspepsia with ructus and rheumatism, better with 'soda cookies'8. Greedy; nibbles constantly. Stomach pain better from eating. Hungry 5 a.m. Constant eructation. Bad consequences of drinking cold water in a heated state. Water blooming. Heartburn after fatty foods.
abdomenFlatulence goes around the stomach, the stomach bulges here and there. [Bumps in the abdomen, as if the intestines had been swept up here and there by winds.] Epigastric region painful to the touch, hurts when speaking. Diarrhea from starch and milk. Stools contain a yellow substance, like orange pulp; in menopausal women. Sudden urge to defecate with no result, or rapid and noisy diarrhea. Stools: black, hard, smooth; crumbly. Colic-like stomach ache, with drawing in of the navel and hardness of the abdominal wall9.
Urinary tractLight or dark yellow urine. Urine smells like horse urine, with a vegetarian diet or with a milk diet. Burning sensation in the urethra during and after urinating.
Male genitalsIncreased sexual desire with priapism and painful pollutions. "Imperfect cohabitation" [short erection, rapid ejaculation]. The glans glans easily sore. Nocturnal pollutions. Great tendency to sweat after cohabitation. Discharge of prostate secretion during bowel movements and during micturition; Prostate disease.
Female genitalsHardening of the cervix. Infertility, as the ejaculate runs straight out of the vagina. Discharge: foul smelling, irritating, thick, yellowish, stringy, previously incised. Menstruation late, weak, like meat water. Movement in the uterus as if a fetus was stirring in it. "Seems to promote conception."
respiratory tractCough: dry tickling cough; worse when one comes into the warm room from the cold; from 9 am to 11 am. Loose, hollow cough, with salty, purulent, also greenish expectoration. Cough with a chill in the left side of the chest.
heartPalpitations: from noises, paper crackling, etc .; when climbing stairs; when exerting attention; when lying on the left side.
External neck and backCervical vertebrae crack when moving the head. Boring pain in the tip of the left shoulder blade. [Persistent] cold between the shoulder blades. Goiter; hard and with pressing pain in it. Tingling [and itchy pins and needles] all over my back.
extremitiesHeaviness of legs and feet, with tension in them, when sitting or walking. Weak ankles, easy representation and dislocation of the same. Insecurity in walking; [Stumble, slip]. Slight unevenness in the patch will cause it to fall or fall for no apparent reason. [In the evening.] Burning in the wrists and ankles. Locomotor ataxia, posterior cord ataxia, lightning-like pain, better from eating. Soles of the feet sensitive; Needle pricks in the soles; Soles burn when walking. Hands twitching when falling asleep. Cramps from ankle to knee. Contraction of fingers. The back of the knee hurts when moving. Sore folds of skin on fingers and toes.
skinDry, rough; Skin as white as milk or milky water. Blisters on small joints; blistered spots on all toe and fingertips. Pustular rashes. Sweats easily. Ant running.
sleepSleepy during the day; after meals. "Awakening too early." Erotic dreams. Sleeps with your mouth open.
RelatedLycopodium; Natrum muriaticum.
  • Carbonate of soda, soda, Na2CO3, partly also NaHCO3, "Bicarbonate of soda".

  • Hahnemann, Chronic diseases, Volume 4.

Natrum muriaticum
GeneralThe common table salt has a strong influence on the Nutrition. Excessive salt consumption leads to symptoms of salt stagnation: hydrops, edema; at the same time, table salt also works blood and causes anemia and leukocytosis. Mind, heart, The liver and spleen are particularly affected. Patient is thin, thirsty, suffers from Malnutrition owing to Indigestion. Be behavior and the physical symptoms in which his state of mind is expressed carry a resigned, hopeless Embossed or clumsy and awkward. Emaciation: beginning at the top and spreading downwards; especially On neck, but also on the stomach. Mucous membranes and skin are either dry or rather thick white or but clear, caustic secretions from. Dryness of the mouth, Neck, Rectum, vagina, etc. Deafness: one side of the body; the parts on which one lies or that one leans on; associated with paralysis; With Feeling of foreshortening the fingers or other parts. Contractures of muscles and tendons. [Tensioning of the calves while walking, as if the muscles were too short.] Neuralgia with tears in the eyes. Easily exhausted. Tremble. Exhaustion. Hysterical weakness. ["Hysterical languor."] Emaciation, even with good nutrition. Great weakness and languor. Tendency to catch a cold. cold.10 Children learn to speak late; unruly, irritable, scream at the slightest cause. Cachexia; malaria related. Hypersensitive to all kinds of external influences. Goiter; Hyperthyroidism. Addison's disease. Diabetes. Twitching in muscles. Frequent muscle twitching, or "twitching," in the upper part of the body. Chorea; jumping around the room11; after fright. Bad consequences of: disappointment; Fright, grief, tantrum; Loss of juice, masturbation; Head injuries; Use of silver salts [especially cautery with silver nitrate]; Salt consumption. Young girls fall unhappily in love, e.g. B. in married men. Paralysis: after emotions, after sexual debauchery. Would like to be covered, but covering does not improve. Tremors all over [and sweating] from tobacco smoking.
WorseIn exact periodicity. 9-11 a.m.; with the sun12. Every second day. After menstruation. Heat:Sun heat, Summer heat; Humidity. Effort: of the eyes; spiritual; Speak, read, write. Violent emotions. Compassion, compassion, encouragement. In the puberty. Quinine abuse. Loaf; fatty or sour foods. Coitus. On the seashore. Chronic sprains. Sounds; Music. Contact. Print. Full moon.
BetterOutdoors. Cool bath. Sweat. Quiet. Skipping normal meals [better on an empty stomach]. Tight clothes. Breathe deeply. Before breakfast. Rub. Lie on the right. Long talking.
Mind and spiritHatred of people who offended him in the past. Loaths consolation or fuss. [Weepy sadness increased by encouragement.] Sad: at the rule; without cause. Reticent. [Afraid of people.] Slightly angry, hot-tempered, worse from consolation. [It only attacked him more if he was comforted. - If you try to comfort him, he gets a violent fit of anger.] Society attacks him. Hypochondriac [to the point of weariness]. Weeps bitterly; or want to be alone to cry [Or: When she is alone, she worries and has to cry.] Must cry involuntarily, cry for no reason, or cannot cry. Cheerful, laughing, wants to sing and dance, alternating with sadness. Loud grief. "Always look for the former inconveniences in your mind." Fear. "Anxiety." "Anxiety." Fear of thieves, right? dreams of thieves. Clumsy: when speaking; Hastiness; drops things from nervous weakness. [Very clumsy; as he takes something small in his hand, it falls out of his hand; he toasts with other things.] Absent-minded, absent-minded. Scattered thoughts. [Can't hold my thoughts together with great effort.] Vengeful, resentful. “From every person's glance he concluded that he was sorry for his misfortune, and he cried.” “She laughs so hard at things that are not at all ridiculous that she cannot even calm down; the tears come to her eyes, so that afterwards she looks like crying. ”In short. Persevering thought prevents sleep and incites vengeance. Changeable states of mind. Extremely forgetful. Aversion to men (in women).
headDizziness: as if to fall; worse standing near a window or closing your eyes; better lying down with the head high. A headache: as if the head should burst; when coughing; driving mad; hammering; with heavy head; over the eyes; on the crown of the head; with partial sensation of head asleep or visual disturbances; worse in the morning on awakening; from sunrise to sunset; with, before and after menstruation; by movements, even of the eyes; by frowning; by reading; better through sleep, pressure on the eyes, lying with your head high or sitting still. Schoolchildren's headache. Migraine. [Involuntary] nodding head movements. Hair loss. Injured part sensitive to touch. ["In one part of the head where she struck herself 6 years ago, she feels pain when touching it."]
eyesPain over the eye when looking down. The letters converge while reading. Lacrimal duct stricture, when pressure is applied to the lacrimal sac, mucus is released. Tears of the eyes: with reddening of the whites; burning; sharp; on the affected side; from sneezing, coughing, laughing, etc. closing the eyelids: convulsive; with the headache. Itching and burning, must rub his eyes. Lidptosis, lying down. Blurred, unsteady vision. ["Things get confused in sight."] Hemianopsia, then headache. Cannot read in artificial light. [Great sensitivity to lamplight.] Sparks, black dots, fiery zigzag lines in front of the eyes. Beginning cataract. Protruding eyes; with goiter. Afterimages. "He lost his eyes while reading and writing."
EarsNoises in the ears, humming, humming, singing. Painless13 Cracking ear when chewing. Itching behind the ears.
noseViolent runny nose; lasts for 1–3 days, then the nose clogs up high up so that you can hardly breathe. Sneezing early in the morning. Alternation from fluent and stick cold; Common cold that begins with sneezing; occasionally a gush of fluid comes off the nose. Small ulcers on the nose. "Insensibility and deadness of the inner half of the nose." Loss of smell and taste. Nosebleeds: when stooping; when coughing, at night.
facePale, muddy, or shiny. Herpes14; around the lips or on the hairline; Vesicles like pearls around the mouth. Lower lip pops up in the middle. Lips are numb and tingling. Throbbing in the lower jaw, worse when biting, from heat and cold. There is fuzz on the face in hysteria; the fluff disappears as soon as the patient recovers. Swelling of the upper lip. Prosopalgia. Loss of whiskers and goatee.
mouthMap tongue;like a string of pearls with bubbles, or striped along the edges. Aphthous ulcers. Loss of taste and smell. Tongue as if numb and stiff in one half. Tingling in the tongue, she has fallen asleep. Tongue heavy; Speaking is difficult. Children learn to speak slowly. Dental fistula. Epulis, small swelling of the gums. Feeling of a hair on the tongue. Sensation as if the tongue were dry, which is objectively not the case. Blisters and sores in the mouth and tongue where the food [and drink] causes biting and burning. Teeth sensitive to inhaled air and to touch; Pain worse when chewing. Toothache with tearing or salivation.
neckClears a lot of mucus; of a bitter, salty taste. Suppository hangs crooked to one side. Food gets down the wrong track; post-diphtheric paralysis. ["Easily swallowed."] Only liquids can be swallowed; Solid food only reaches a certain point in the esophagus and then has to be transported back again with violent choking. Inner neck looking shiny, as if glazed. Goiter with exophthalmos. Sore throat, "as if she had to swallow a bulb". Sensation of stake in throat. Chronic strep throat of smokers.
stomachCraving for salt and after bitter things; for sour foods, pastries, oysters, fish, milk. Thirsty, drinks large amounts of water. Great hunger, nevertheless emaciation; related to depressed mood. Aversion to bread, Meat, coffee, tobacco. Feeling hungry and yet no desire to eat. [Or: Much appetite and yet little taste in food.] Hiccups. - Burning eructation, after eating. Sweet rising from the stomach during [resp. a few hours before the onset] of menstruation. Feeling anxious in the pit of your stomach rising to your head. Water blooming. Sweat on face when eating. White mucus is vomited, which makes it easier. Heartburn with palpitations. Feels better on an empty stomach.
abdomenThrobbing in the pit of the stomach [like heartbeats]. Pit of stomach swollen and painful [as if ulcerated to the touch]. Sudden distension of the abdomen. Stomach painfully tense, especially the groin. Pain in the belly ring when coughing. Stiffness ["Storren"] in the left side of the abdomen. Colic with nausea, relieved by passing gas. Chairs: dry, hard, crumbly; rupture the anus or cause a burning sensation. Stool covered with glassy mucus. Constipation: stool every other day due to sluggishness of the rectum. Painless, watery diarrhea; chronic; in the morning as soon as you get up and move; of opium abuse. Spasmodic constriction of the anus. Herpes on the anus. "When walking, the bowels of the lower abdomen hurt, as if they were loose and too heavy and wanted to fall out." Red spots on the skin in the region of the pit of the stomach.
Urinary tractInvoluntary leakage of urine: when coughing; while laughing; when sneezing; when walking and sitting. Polyuria, with thirst for large quantities of water. Have to wait a long time for the urine to pass; especially when other people are around. Urine: light colored, with red [brick dust] sediment. Pain right after urination.
Male genitalsBack pain and weak legs; with sadness after having sex. Pollution shortly after cohabitation. Sexual desire with physical weakness. Suppressed gonorrhea. Weakness, even paralysis after sexual debauchery. Pubic hair loss.15
Female genitalsAversion to coitus; this is painful because the vagina is dry. Burning biting in the vagina when having sex. Late menarche. Dysmenorrhea, with cramps. Infertility; if the menstrual period is too early and too heavy. Debilitating discharge; white and thick, instead of menstrual bleeding. White discharge gradually turns green. Uterine prolapse with pain in the lumbar region, worse in the morning, better in the supine position; with cutting in the urethra [after micturition]. Heat of fever during your period. Mammary glands become emaciated. Hair loss in childbed16 or during the breastfeeding period. Stitches under the nipples.17
respiratory tractDry, sore spot in the throat where it tickles, makes coughing, etc. Cough from tickling in the pit of the stomach; if the heart is very narrow or palpitations; worse in winter. Catarrh of the respiratory tract after suppressed sweat. Stinging in the region of the liver when coughing. Difficulty breathing when climbing stairs. Whooping cough; with tears in my eyes. “Breath that seems hot. Smelling breath. ”Moving the arms vigorously makes breathing easier. [But: "Difficulty doing handwork."]
heartPalpitations, that shakes the whole body or alternates with pounding in the head. Fluttering movement of the heart, with a dull feeling of weakness, worse lying down. Palpitation: anxious, worse from exertion; [with every movement of the body]; through emotion; when one lies on the left. Pulse: sometimes full and slow, sometimes weak and fast; skips every third blow; worse lying down. Feeling cold and sore around the heart.
External neck and backPainful stiffness of the neck. Back pain as if bruised, early in the morning; worse when coughing and after coitus; better when lying on your back, on a hard surface, or by applying pressure. Can bend down easily, but it hurts to stretch. Emaciation of the buttocks in infants.
extremitiesTrembling of the hands while writing. Chapped skin on fingertips. Hangnails. Palms hot and sweaty. Hamstrings: as if shortened, painfully tense, pulling in them. Fingers and lower limbs feeling asleep and tingling. 'Snap' in the knee. Maid's knee [prepatellar bursitis]. Joint cracking when moving. Ankles weak and slightly twisted. Lower legs cold [from knees to feet]. Spasmodic twitching in the limbs on going to sleep. Scabs and scales in the armpit. Finger joints are difficult to bend. Children don't learn to walk. Soreness of or between the toes.
skinGreasy or dry; rough; unwholesome; also yellow. Rhagades at herpetic rashes, especially in the bends of the joints or around the knuckles. Dry rash on the hairlines. Warts on the palms, hands. Hives, whitish, worse after vigorous exercise or exertion. Corns. "Pain and redness in a long-scarred area."
sleepWeeping and whimpering in your sleep. Wakes up feeling weak right away. ["One is weakest in bed early." "Sleep tiredness in the morning."] Dreams of thieves. Sleepwalking; gets up and sits around the room. Frightening, twitching, and speaking in sleep.
feverColdness of many parts, the hands, the feet, the heart. Morning frost with thirst. Chill, but worse in the sun. Sweat: little, on the hairline, on the nose, on the face when eating.
ComplementaryIgnatia; Sepia.
  • Table salt, sodium chloride, NaCl.

  • The basis of the pharmacopoeia are of course those in volume 4 of Chronic diseases collected exam symptoms. In addition, there are the symptoms of the Austrian follow-up examinationsAustrian Journal for Homeopathy, Volume 4). Sodium muriaticum is also one of Schüßler's “tissue agents”.

Sodium phosphoricum
GeneralThis medicine is useful in conditions of excess lactic acid due to excessive consumption of sugar. Attacks the duodenum; also the bile ducts, the mesenteric lymph nodes, the genitals. Angry:acid regurgitation, acid vomiting; Acidic stomach acid, acidic stools, acidic discharge; acid expectoration, acid sweats, etc. complaints associated with Hyperacidity are connected. Small children who have been overfed with milk and sugar [and now suffer from excess acid]. Marasmus of bottle-fed children. Secretions golden yellow; creamy. Weakness, exhaustion. Fine sensations. Sense of tension in muscles and tendons. Jaundice (first trituration). Oxaluria. Worms. Lymph node swelling. Evil consequences of mental exertion, sexual vices18 or both. Trembling and palpitations in thunderstorms. Joint cracking. Nervousness; Feeling tired. Leukocytosis.
WorseSugar. Milk. Mental exertion. Thunderstorm. Gas light, artificial light. Coitus. Climb stairs. Bitter foods. Fat food.
Mind and spiritMental weakness. Fear, especially at night, that something might happen. Imaginations: pieces of furniture would be people; thinks he hears footsteps in the next room. Nervous, forgetful. Sad of music. Indifferent to everything; even against one's own family. [Becomes serious and silent]; sits very still for a long time. Scary.
headDull, dizzy feeling in the head, in the morning. Cutting pain in (right) temple; while studying. Pressure and sensation of heat on the top of the head, as if the head wanted to open there.
eyesGolden yellow, cream-like discharge from the eyes. White dirty yellow eyes. Eyesight, worse with gas light [artificial light]. Squint, if worm infestation. Dilatation of a pupil.
EarsOne ear lobe red, hot, itchy, necessary to scratch until it bleeds; with stomach problems and over-acidity. Sensation in the ears, as if water was dripping from high above into a long, narrow vessel [while lying down].
noseItch. Bad smell on the nose. Yellow, thick, foul smelling nasal mucus. Child tugs at the nose. Pinpricks strong enough to bring tears to your eyes.
faceItching around the mouth. Pale, or face flushing that changes from side to side. 'Blooming', florid blush.
mouthBlisters on the tip of the tongue. Yellow, cream-like coating on the back of the tongue; on the tonsils, on the soft palate. Thin, moist coating on the tongue. Feeling of hair on tongue; [then] numbness of the whole mouth with pinpricks. Grinding of teeth; with children.
neckSensation of a lump in the throat; preventing speaking. Difficulties swallowing. Yellow coating on the almonds.
stomachAcid regurgitation. Vomiting of sour, cheesy masses. Craving for strong-tasting dishes; after eggs, after fried fish; after beer, which relieves [a "feeling of dullness" in the stomach]. Aversion to bread and butter.
abdomenFeeling like a marble falling in the descending colon during bowel movements. Loud outgoing gas. Feeling of fullness in the stomach, worse standing up or even after eating little. Gastro-duodenal catarrh. Jaundice. Urge to stool and urinate after having sex (in men). "Yellowish-greenish, so-called chopped diarrhea." Itching of the anus. Afraid of releasing gas for fear of leaking stool. Cirrhosis of the liver and the hepatic form of diabetes19, especially if boils appear in series. Roundworms or pinworms [d. H. Ascaris lumbricoides or Enterobius vermicularis].
Urinary tractUrge to urinate and burning and itching at the mouth of the urethra after having sex. Have to wait for urine to begin to flow [almost a minute].
Male genitalsEjaculate: thin, watery, smells like stale urine. After pollutions, weakness in the back and trembling of the knees. Itching of the scrotum and foreskin.
Female genitalsInfertility; with sharp, caustic discharge from the vagina. Discharge: acidic; creamy, honey-colored; or hot and watery. Morning sickness [of the pregnant woman], with acid vomiting. Freezing feet during the day during menstruation; burning feet in bed at night.
respiratory tractBreathing difficult. Cough, worse sitting. Emptiness in chest [and stomach] after eating. Chest pain [like after a rib contusion] worse from deep breathing and pressure.
heartTremor in heart, worse climbing stairs; after menstruation. Sensation as if a bubble emerges from the heart and is being forced through the arteries. Heart pain relieved when big toe starts to hurt [and vice versa]; Heart pain alternating with rheumatic pain. Fearful palpitation after a thunderstorm.
External neck and backFeeling weak in the back after having sex Pollution]. Heavy dragging in the back. Swelling of the cervical lymph nodes, spreading to the chest. Goiter with a feeling of pressure in it.
extremitiesPain in wrists and fingers. Trembling of limbs after intercourse. Rheumatism. Feet freezing during the day, burning hot at night. Crepitations in the joints, synovial crackling. Cramps in the hands when writing. Legs give in when walking.
skinItching in various places, especially on the ankles, also eczema-like rashes there. Hives. [Erysipelas:] skin smooth, shiny red, [swollen].
sleepSleepy in the morning but sleepless before midnight. Dreams: anxious; erotic; of the dead. Very sleepy; falls asleep while sitting.
feverFeet freezing during the day, scorching hot at night.
RelatedCina; Kali sulfuricum; Creosote.
  • Sodium phosphate, sodium phosphate, Na2HPO4.

  • There is an exam in high potencies conducted under Farrington's direction (AE, Volume 6).Many of the symptoms come from Schuessler's Abbreviated therapy.

Sodium salicylicum
GeneralHas a marked effect on the inner ear: dizziness, deafness, ringing in the ears, loss of bone conduction; therefore useful in Meniere's disease. Dizziness in which objects appear to be moving to the right; worse when straightening up from lying [yes, already when lifting the head]. Sub-normal body temperature and very slow pulse. Fatigue after influenza.
  • The sodium salt of salicylic acid, NaC7H5O3.

  • Some observations with substantial, sometimes massive doses (AE, Volume 6 and especially Volume 10).

Sodium sulfuricum
GeneralSodium sulfate, also called Glauber's salt, is a remedy for the hydrogenoid constitution, with complaints such as those caused by living in damp houses, in cellars or basement apartments; Patients cannot even eat plants that grow close to water or fish. Particularly grips Back of the head and liver on, including the pancreas. Sudden, violent drug effects; in ailing patients. Piercing, piercing pain: on the (left) short ribs; in the (left) hip, worse standing or sitting down. Yellowish and watery: secretions, Chairs; yellowish skin; Vesicles containing yellowish water, etc. [Or:] Thick, yellow-green pus. Feelings of fullness20. Sour, bilious, lithemic. Sycosis. Suppressed gonorrhea. Pain worse thinking about it. Epilepsy or petit mal after head injuries. Mental illness after falling on the head or other head injuries. Dropsy. Fistula-forming abscesses. Tremble.
WorseHumidity; damp weather; Night air; damp basement. Lie on your left. Injuries, especially head injuries. To lift. Contact. Print. Wind. Light. Music; warm, subdued light. Late night. Vegetable fruit. Cold food and drink. Maintaining the same position for a long time.
BetterOutdoors; warm, dry air. Change of position. Breakfast. Supine position.
Mind and spiritSensitive and suspicious. Sadness, melancholy, worse from music and dim lights; while sitting behind a colored glass window21. Melancholy; even with manic attacks. Fear of crowds; Fear of misfortune. Suicidal impulses: you have to use all your self-control in order not to shoot yourself. "Cheerful and happy mood that you notice yourself, especially after being discharged." Emotional troubles from head injuries or the bad consequences of a fall.22 "Great annoyance, she just doesn't want to be allowed to speak and not to be spoken to, especially early."
headBack of the headache as if pressed in a vice, or as if something was gnawing there. Spinal meningitis. [Migraine:] Pain worse from noise and light, stooping, during menstruation, from eating [therefore does not eat]; better in the dark room and by vomiting. During the headache salivation [mouth constantly full of water, constantly spitting out]. Dizziness; better from sweating on the head. [“After the dizziness, heat rising from the body to the head, which became more and more violent until sweat broke out on the forehead…”] Scalp very sensitive, combing the hair painful. Sensation of heat on the top of the head. Feeling in the head as if the brain is loose, especially when bending over. Sudden jerk in the head that it throws it on the (right) side.
eyesTrachoma. Photophobia; when waking up in the morning. Lids heavy as lead. Yellowing of the conjunctiva. Tingling in the eye [as if a bug is crawling in it]. "Her eyeballs seemed to be hot."
EarsPiercing stabbing in the ears; worse in damp weather.
noseThe nose races at night. Epistaxis before and during menstruation, often intermittent and recurring. Sneezing and runny nose. Thick, yellow secretion.
faceYellow; pale; sickly. Itching of the face.
mouthThick, sticky white mucus in your mouth. Bitter taste in the mouth. Tongue coating dirty, brownish-greenish or greenish-yellow, thick, sticky, especially on the base of the tongue. Sensation of the tip of the tongue being burned. Toothache, better by holding cold water in your mouth. Gums burn like fire ["that they cannot eat bread"]. Salivation during the headache. Blisters on the roof of the mouth. Burning in the mouth as from pepper.
neckThick, yellow mucus comes down the throat from the choans. Sensation of an obstruction when swallowing. Burning throat during menstruation.
stomachDesires for ice and ice water. Thirst only at the beginning of the heat of the fever. Aversion to meat and bread. Sluggish digestion. Accompanying symptoms of nausea. Green vomiting; Vomiting from Bile. Digestive disorders from stomach acidity, with heartburn and flatulence. Starchy foods, milk, and potatoes fare badly.
abdomenLiver area sensitive and painful to the touch; worse on deep breathing, stepping on, when trembling; a feeling of heaviness and tugging, especially when lying on the left side. Hepatitis; Duodenal catarrh. Sensation as if from a soft body in the right soft part, below the liver. Sensation of claws in the gallbladder area. Colic pain, better from rubbing or kneading the abdomen and lying on your side. Spasms in the umbilical region. Flatulence: trapped; painful; now jamming here, now there; especially in the right side of the abdomen. Rumbling and fermenting in the bowels, then sudden noisily spurting stools; in the morning after getting up, or drifting out of bed. Frothy or yellow diarrhea; mixed with green slime. Involuntary stools on passing of flatulence, etc. Diarrhea in the morning. Faeces in large quantities. Jaundice, after anger.
Urinary tractFrequent urination. Diabetes; Brick meal sediment or white, sandy sediment. Polyuria.
Male genitalsChronic gonorrhea; thick, greenish discharge; little pain. Genital warts. Itching of the glans, penis, scrotum.
Female genitalsVulvitis with cold sores, vulvitis herpetic. Discharge: yellowish green, like gonorrhea; with hoarseness. Retracted nipples.
respiratory tractDyspnea. Sycotic asthma; as a constitutional remedy in children; early morning aggravation. Loose but violent cough, better when sitting; must hold the chest or the sides. Pain piercing the lower left side of the chest. Every cold or unusual exertion brings a new asthma attack. Shortness of breath when walking; constant need to take a deep, long breath. Asthma with early morning diarrhea. Expectoration greenish, profuse.
External neck and backStab between the shoulders as if with a knife. Sharp, cutting pain in the back, spreading upwards like a fan. Severe pains in the neck and into the base of the brain. Lower back pain when trying to hold back urine.
extremitiesInflammation around the roots of the nails. Circulation. Hangnails. Hip joint pain, worse when standing or sitting down. Sciatica on getting up from sitting or turning over in bed; in no situation relief. Throbbing, piercing pain in heels. Blisters on the soles. Both lower legs burn with heat up to the knee. Edema of the feet. Trembling of the hands on waking, also while writing.
skinItchy skin when taking off. Vesicles containing yellowish water; wart-like red growths all over the body.
sleepDreams of brawls; of running water. Awakened: from pain, with flatulence colic.
feverFrosty, he doesn't even get warm in bed. Heat of fever with aversion to exposure. Putrid smelling armpit sweat.
ComplementaryArsenicum; Thuja.
RelatedColocynthis; Glonoinum; Medorrhinum; Pulsatilla.
  • Glauber's salt, sodium sulfate, Na2SO4.

  • Schréter and Nenning exams in the annals von Hartlaub / Trinks, Volumes 3 and 4. A further examination by Lembke has hardly gained any significance for the picture, but Schüßler's biochemical teaching and above all Grauvogl's classification of the drug in the "hydrogenoid constitution" did.

GeneralNickel is a remedy for periodic, nervous headaches associated with asthenopia, indigestion and constipation; with weakened, exhausted scientists or writers. Must sit up to cough and hold head or put arms on thighs; Cough worse at night. Child must be held up while coughing, otherwise convulsions will seize them. Severe hiccups; with thirst.
WorsePeriodically: every 2 weeks; yearly.
  • Metallic nickel or nickel carbonate (NiCO3) or nickel sulfate (NiSO4).

  • Examination of Nenning in Hartlaub / Trinks, Annals, Volume 3.

Nitri acidum
GeneralThis acid has a pronounced affinity for the Linings of the body orifices on,23 especially throat, anus, and mouth; she also attacks the Glands to the Liver, the prostate, the salivary glands. she calls Bleeding forth; the blood comes easily and is bright red; also discharge of bloody water. Patients are very weak, tremble and shudder, are sensitive, everything hurts them. Sharp pains like splinters, or gnawing pains like from an ulcer. Minor pain attacks him excessively [so that he is completely beside himself]. Secretions are sharp, thin, dirty brown; they cause reddening of the skin or eat away the hair. Bad smell: of nasal secretions (ozena); of foot sweat; of night sweats. Mucous membranes dark and smooth. Orifices red, swollen, torn. Feeling like a part of the body is tightly tied together or as if something heavy was attached to it. Sore and stiff with the pain. Hard, sandy exudates. Joint cracking. [Frequent pulling] pains [in almost all parts], coming quickly and going quickly. Pay attention brunette24, of lean habit; is more suitable for those chronically ill who are prone to colds or diarrhea [than those who feel constipated]. Cachexia. Bleeding after scraping. Malignancy. Phageena. Fistulas. Syphilis. Sycosis. Cancer. Persistent suppuration. Bones painfully tender. Epileptiform convulsions at night and at bedtime, often dizziness during the day; Seizures reduced by driving in a car. Bad consequences of lack of sleep, of night watch to the nursing home. [Periostitis with] pain, as if flesh was torn from the bones. Bone corrosion and bone exostoses. Particularly sensitive to medicines given in high potency.25 "It came into his left side like a mouse moving up and down" [before an epileptic fit].
WorseMinor occasions: Touch, shock,Noise, Rattles [from carts on stone pavement], Move. Milk. Fat food. After eating. Cold:cold air. Humidity. At night. In the evening. Weather change. Bed warmth. Mental exertion, or psychological trauma26. Mercury. Lack of sleep.
BetterSliding, gentle movement when driving in the car. Mild weather. Constant pressure.
Mind and spiritIrritable, hateful, resentful. [Long resentment; Insensitive to apologies and apologies.] Tremors with anger. Blasphemous, curses and uses indecent words. Contentious delirium; speaks to spirits in strange tongues. “Numbness of the head that she cannot remember and think for long.” “If she tries to think through important things, her thoughts pass.” Sadness. Despondent. Taciturn, silent. Dismissive of compassion for his misfortunes. Anxiety about his illness, pathological fear of cholera; Fear of death. Keep thinking about past problems. No desire to work; unwilling to do serious work. Hopelessness, despair. "Dissatisfaction with oneself, dissolving into strong weeping and then more easily." Scared.
headMore compressive Headache [as if clamped in a vice], worse from pressure on hat; also from street noise ["car rattle"]. Headache as if the head were tied tightly. Skull bones painfully tender. Edematous lump on the scalp. Hair loss, especially on the top of the head.
eyesSensation as if warm water was flowing over the eyes, better when using cold water; or sensation as if water was running out of the eyes. [Feeling as if the eyes were full of tears.] Conjunctiva bulging in individual places. Double vision. Eyelashes: stiff, all pointing towards the nose (right eye). Paralysis of the upper eyelid. Lacrimal fistula.
EarsHearing impairment: better when it is loud, when driving in the train or car; due to enlargement and hardening of the tonsils; after measles. Cracking ear when chewing. Reverberation in the ears from speaking. Caries of the mastoid process. Cystic growths [atheromas] on the ear lobes.
noseNosebleeds: dark, clotted blood; with breast ailments. "Bleeding from the nose, from crying." Dribble from the nose; also with diphtheria. Sneezing: frequent, without runny nose; while sleeping. Runny nose with shortness of breath. "Reddening of the tip of the nose and scabbing vesicles on it." Cutting pain in the nose; Bone damage. "He sniffs yellowish things from the nose of bad smells." Ozana. Green discharge from the nose every morning.
faceYellow; looking sick. Peeling the lips. Corners of the mouth rough, chapped or scabbed. Cracking in the temporomandibular joint when chewing.
mouthLooseness of teeth. Gums: swollen, sore, flabby, bleeding; especially the inside. Tongue: moist; cracked; Map tongue; pure and red, with a central furrow. Soreness of the palate [and the inside of the tongue and gums]. Ulcers on the soft palate, with sharp pain as from splinters. Salivation: mixed blood; with green tongue coating. Foetor ex ore. Ranula. Bites your tongue or cheek. Teeth: turning yellow; Caries. Feels as if the teeth are soft and spongy [he does not dare to clench them for fear they might fall out].
neckShooting pain as from splinters; Pain in the ear, increased when swallowing. Tonsils: red, swollen, fissured; occupied with small ulcers. Can't swallow even a teaspoonful of liquid; Difficulties swallowing. Clears mucus that comes from the Choans. ["The nasal mucus only comes out of the mouth through the choans."]
stomachDesire for fat, salt, indigestible food, chalk, earth, etc. Feeling of hunger, with a sweet taste in the mouth. Indigestibility of milk. Nausea: with belching; can't eat anything; with occasional vomiting; better by driving in the car. Aversion to meat, to foods sweetened with sugar, to bread.
abdomenStools that seem to tear the anus, even if they are soft. Prolonged pain after stool; walks up and down in agony for hours. Feeling as if something was torn in the rectum, or actually fissures in the rectum. Painful, easily bleeding hemorrhoids. Colic, better if the clothes are under pressure (tightening the buckles, tightening, etc.), itching, eczema or oozing on the anus. Post-dysentery ulceration that has been poorly treated. Burning sensation from a dry, hot cloth all over the abdomen. Inguinal hernia; with children. Burning sensation in the rectum; [especially] after urination. Intestinal bleeding after removal of hemorrhoids.
Urinary tractUrine: foul smelling, smells as strong as horse urine; cold on departure; Alternating abundant and scanty urine excretion. Urine contains oxalic acid, increased amounts of uric acid and phosphates. Hematuria. Shivering along the spine while urinating. Feeling like one hot wire in the urethra. Spasmodic [contracting] pain from kidneys to bladder. Infectious nephritis. Thin stream of urine, as if from narrowing of the urethra. Painless urinary retention or urinary incontinence. Shrink kidney.
Male genitalsItching and burning of the foreskin. Red spots covered with scabs on the foreskin or the crown of the glans. Chancre; eating. Edema of the foreskin. Phimosis. Gonorrhea- or syphilis-related stricture.
Female genitalsVoluptuous itching of the vagina after having sex. Bloody water from the vagina; or bleeding as a result of overexertion. Menstruation: irregular; prematurely, abundantly; [scanty] looking like muddy water. Uterine bleeding after delivery; after scraping.Discharge: brown; flesh colored; watery or stringy [“stretchy slimy”]; colors the laundry yellow or leaves stains with a black border. Hardened lumps in the breasts, or atrophy of the mammary glands. Pain in the back, buttocks and thighs during menstruation. [During the menses, severe pressing in the lower abdomen, as if everything should come out to the parts of the birth, with pain in the lower back; it pulled the legs down at the hips.]
respiratory tractWhole body shaking cough; from a dry spot in the larynx; with shooting pain in the lower back; worse with a cold and in winter. Breathlessness when climbing stairs. Cough while sleeping without waking up. Expectoration: slimy-purulent, yellow, bitter taste, foul smelling; greasy; accompanied by sweat. Pleural empyema. Hemoptysis. Cavernous pulmonary tuberculosis. Shortness of breath due to displacement of the uterus. Rush of blood to the chest, with palpitation and fear. Cutting pain in the larynx. Wheezing, especially when reading or bending over [over a desk, in schoolboys].
heartPalpitation and anxiety when climbing stairs. Pulse: skips every fourth beat; irregular. Nervous palpitations caused by every "little emotional excitement".
External neck and backStitching in the back when coughing. Stitches in and between the shoulder blades; Neck stiffness. "Pain in the lower back that he cannot lie on his back, but has to lie on his stomach at night."
extremitiesSwollen finger joints. Warts on the back of the hand. "Braid between the fingers." Smelly foot sweat that makes the toes sore. White spots on the fingernails. Shin painfully tender. Pain in the kneecap that one can hardly step on and cannot walk at all. Chilblains on the toes. Sweat in the palms, hands cold. Blue nails. Weak ankles; they bend over27 while walking. Ingrown nails with ulceration and a feeling of splintering when touched. Nails deformed, discolored, or yellow and crooked.
skinDry; rubbed sore, eroded; jumped up at all angles28. Copper stains; on the shins. Skin itches when taking off. Crust formation, then crust fall off; [including:] Ulcers, enlarging rapidly, like raw meat; with tattered edges; with wild meat or plugs of pus. Persistent suppuration. Undercutting suppuration. Warts, large and jagged, bleeding when touched or washed. Genital warts. Old scars become painful in cold weather.
sleepStartled while falling asleep. Pain that occurs during sleep. ["Pain half asleep, which he does not clearly remember when waking up."] Anxious, uncomfortable sleep, with terrible dreams.
feverIcy Cold: the soles of the feet. Constant chilliness. Tends to sweat; and then to colds. Exhausting (smelling of urine) profuse sweats in the morning; in the armpits; on the feet and hands (with spinal injuries). "Night sweats only on the parts on which it lies."
ComplementaryCalcarea carbonica; Thuja.
RelatedArsenicum; Kali carbonicum; Creosote; Mercury.
  • Nitric acid, ENT3.

  • Examination at Hahnemann, Chronic diseases, Volume 4. A few other symptoms come from poisoning or other tests, such as by Berridge (AE, Volume 7).

Nitromuriaticum acidum
GeneralThis medicine is prepared by mixing 18 parts of nitric acid with 82 parts of hydrochloric acid. It is practically specific to oxaluria.
  • Aqua regia, aqua regia. With this acid mixture, which is generally made in a ratio of 3: 1 (in parts by volume) from concentrated hydrochloric acid and concentrated nitric acid, metals such as B. Dissolve gold. Phatak's quantities are taken from Clarke.

  • There are exams (AE, Volumes 7 and 10).

Nux moschata
GeneralThe nutmeg is a popular home remedy for disruption29 or to restore menstrual bleeding and diarrhea. Affects profoundly Sensorium,Mind, mind and Annoy: Exaltation of the senses and nervous sensitivity. Indigestion.Female sexual and reproductive organs are attacked. If any complaint sleepiness causes or as an accompanying symptom and additionally Shivering or. cold and Thirstlessness exist, Nux moschata should be considered and given. Dryness, subjective, or objective, is also a distinguishing symptom: dryness of the mouth, tongue, eyes, etc., but no thirst.Heaviness: eyes, tongue, etc. Pronounced Fainting tendency: with heart failure; worse with [or after] defecation, at the time of menstruation, with pain, even slight, at the sight of blood, while standing (for example when trying on a dress). Dark bleeding. Fleeting pain [now here, now there]. Suitable for thin, delicate, hysterical women with small breasts who alternate between laughing and crying. Hard lump feeling: in the stomach, liver or throat. Hysteria. Mania. Automatic actions. Hurting the parts on which one lies. Feeling like drunk; wavers trying to walk. Catalepsy. Child cramps with diarrhea. Epileptic seizures without loss of consciousness. Relatively little pain. Puffiness, [edema of external parts]. Clairvoyant states. Paralysis: associated with spasms and tremors; the tongue, the eyelids, the esophagus. Depressive states due to grief. Bad consequences of: fright; mental exertion; suppressed rashes. "Humming, humming, humming and wowing", strange feeling in the body. Marasmus of young children. Hard parts are perceived as soft.
WorseCold: cold bath; damp cold; cold wind; Drafts. Fog. Cold feet. Pregnancy. Change of seasons. Emotions; Excitement. Effort. Menstruation. Vibration. Bruises. Minor occasions. Mental exertion or Shock. Summer, hot weather. Move. Lie on the painful side. Heating. Milk. Shaking his head.
BetterMoist heat. Warm room. Dry weather.
Mind and spirit"Sleepy, dreamy being ..." Clairvoyant states. [Accurately answers questions that are completely beyond their horizon; after she has regained her senses, she no longer knows anything about it.] Changing moods, laughing and crying in quick succession. Confused; Objects appear changed or seem to get bigger. Thoughts suddenly pass while speaking, reading, or writing. Use wrong words (during headache). A kind of sluggish flow of ideas.30 Speaks out loud to himself. Feeling of duality: forms one or two heads; believes to be two people at the same time [one is watching the other]. Hesitant and wavering in his endeavors. Total loss of memory of his previous life. Feeling of impending dissolution. Delusional states; with strange speeches and silly gestures. Mocking; Laugh; To kid. [Contrary to his habit, everything makes him laugh. The mood is noticeably cheerful and inclined to merry swings.] The surroundings appear changed; does not recognize familiar streets. Indifferent, indifferent. Gives answers that have no relation to the question asked. A short period of time seems very long to him. [It seems to her that she has lost consciousness for half an hour, but it was only a moment.] Levitation sensations [thinks she is floating]. Does her housework automatically, then can't remember anything she did.
headHeadache: as if the temples should burst; better by firm pressure31. Dizzy as if drunk, staggering when walking outdoors. Feeling as if the head was getting fuller, expanding. Cerebral hyperemia. Brain looseness; when shaken, the head wobbles as if the brain were striking. Painless pulsation in the head, in a small spot. Spasmodic head movements, so strong that she could not [or barely] speak or swallow. Lifting your head off the pillow leads to fatal nausea. Head falls forward when sitting.
eyesObjects look bigger; or too small, very far away; crooked32; too close together; or they disappear [for a moment]; or everything looks red. The eyes went black, then passed out. Eyes appear dry, which prevents the eyelids from moving. [He cannot open and close them well because of the feeling of dryness and roughness in the eyes.] Pterygium, which extends over the cornea.
EarsHypersensitive hearing; especially for distant sounds.
noseHypersensitive to odors. Nosebleeds, dark blood. Dry nose; clogged; has to breathe through the mouth.
facePale. Retracted lips. Stupid, childish expression; or a diabolical grin. Jaw as if paralyzed, cannot bring them together [when teeth tear at night]. Lips swollen and sticky.
mouthSensation as if teeth were being gripped, as if about to be pulled out. Dry mouth: disappears when you enter the house33; without thirst; getting worse while sleeping; Tongue sticks to the roof of the mouth. Saliva decreased; thick, like cotton. Tongue numb, paralyzed, difficult to speak. Chalky taste in the mouth. Toothache in pregnant women, better from external heat, worse from touch. There are stitches in the teeth when sucking with the tongue. Teeth appear to be loose.
neckDry. Difficulties swallowing; from swallowing paralysis.
stomachCraving for spicy foods; only such food is digested. Disgust at eating or thinking about food. Indigestion; all food seems to turn into gas. Nausea and vomiting caused by irritation of a uterine device. Flatulent dyspepsia. If you eat just a little too much, you get a headache. Singultus.
abdomenOverly bloated. Flatulent colic. Feeling like a board across the lower abdomen. Umbilicus sore, also ulcerated and festering. Stool: soft, yet it cannot be expelled; foul; light yellow, with undigested bits; worse at night. Inactivity of the rectum. Fainting during or after a bowel movement. Summer diarrhea: from cold drinks; also from boiled milk.
Urinary tractDysuria: from drinking beer or wine; with hysteria; with dysmenorrhea; after eating; due to uterine discomfort. Violet odor of urine.
Female genitalsMenstruation: irregular, both in terms of time and quantity; darker and thicker than usual. Discharge: muddy, bloody; instead of menstrual bleeding. Breasts too small.34 Retracted nipples. Wind exit from the vagina. Uterine pain from a pessary. No menstrual bleeding. Contractions too weak. Persistent, never-ending bleeding [threatened miscarriage].
respiratory tractHoarseness: suddenly appeared when walking against the wind; hysterical hoarseness [or aphonia]. Cough, especially when getting warm in bed. Shortness of breath; with heaviness in the chest. Hysterical asthma; difficult inhalation. [Burdened feeling on the chest which makes it difficult to breathe.] [Dry cough with] difficulty breathing in a boy who had caught a cold from standing in water.
heartTremors, fluttering [or palpitations]; due to shock, fear, or sadness. Palpitations, better from walking around, drinking warm drinks [and keeping warm]. Feel like the heart is beating in a vacuum. Sensation as if the heart were being gripped. Pulse pauses for a very long time, which means fear of death Fear of imminent dissolution]. Pulse weak and irregular.
External neck and backNeck so weak that the head sinks onto the chest. Pain in the back, sometimes in the sacrum, sometimes in the lumbar region. Pain along the spine. Neuralgia of the sacrum and coccyx, worse when driving in the car. Lower back pain, as if a piece of wood lying across it was being pushed out; before menstruation.
extremitiesFatigue even after little exertion [thinks you have to lie down]. [Sensation of weakness and numbness in the limbs, especially the legs, with a] sensation as if floating in the air. Rheumatism: pulling, wandering pains; worse in damp, cold air, from wet and cold cloths or damp clothes; better through warmth. Dry palms. Hysterical paralysis. Soles of feet constantly moist [and numb]. [An obstacle when walking, especially in the left leg], she walked as if she were stepping on hard peas [after the uterus had not regressed]. Cold feet at the onset of your period.
skinDry, cool [and little prone to perspiration]. "Bluish spots in the skin."
sleepFits of drowsiness; suddenly, with dizziness. Great drowsiness with all complaints. Dreams: of falling from high above; to be pursued.
feverAlternation of feeling hot and cold. Feverish chill with stupor. Sweat: red, bloody; or absent.
ComplementaryCalcarea carbonica; Lycopodium.
RelatedCannabis indica; Crocus; Gelsemium; Musk; Opium; Rhus toxicodendron.
  • The nutmeg is the fruit of Myristica moschata L. The tests were made with the trituration of the fresh nut; However, Kent suggests the root, which contains more medicinal substances.

  • By far the most important collection of test symptoms, clinical experiences and poisoning comes from Helbig and can be found in the short-lived journal Heraclides. Hering added a few symptoms (HVJ, Volume 10), and he also wrote an extensive monograph with over 2,000 symptoms. Individual symptoms come from other sources, for example from an examination by Berridge (AE, Volume 7).