People in the LA area are rude

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So, I brought a present for each of you, because it is unpolite To show up uninvited, but not with gifts.
Así que compré a cada una de ustedes un regalo porque es de mala educación aparecerse sin ser invitado, pero no si se traen regalos ...
And it is unpoliteto sniff around in it.
It is unpoliteTo leave a party by itself, goodbye to the host.
It gross dejar una fiesta sin despedirse del anfitrión.
It is unpoliteto talk about money at Louis' parties.
It is unpoliteStaring at people.
It is unpoliteto interrupt someone who is speaking.
It is unpoliteto chat during a concert.
It is unpoliteaccusing a guest of lying.
It is unpoliteto cancel at the last second.
It is unpoliteto say something like that right in front of him.
It is unpoliteto die of disease because it spoils the taste of the meat.
It is unpoliteto talk to people without looking at them.
It is unpoliteTo keep people waiting at the door.
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