How corrupt is Oracle

Software: Newspaper: Oracle is suspected of corruption

If the suspicions come true, it can be expensive for Oracle. The group did not want to comment at first. Oracle is number one in database software, but it is increasingly penetrating new business areas. CEO Larry Ellison does not shy away from conflict; he often offends with his pithy sayings about his competitors. The German business software specialist SAP is one of his favorite opponents. Ellison has also made enemies of the computer manufacturer Hewlett-Packard (HP) and the Internet company Google.

According to information in the "Wall Street Journal" on Wednesday, the investigations by the US Department of Justice and the dreaded SEC, among other things, revolve around the question of whether Oracle has bribed African government employees to get rid of its software. The investigations had already been going on for at least a year, the newspaper reported, citing people who were in the know.

The US authorities are currently persecuting corrupt companies with particular severity - even if the bribe was paid abroad. Daimler and Siemens also had to find out. The two German flagship companies have also been targeted by US investigators in recent years and had to pay millions on suspicion of dodgy business practices. In addition, there was damage to the company's image.

In the case of Oracle, the competition should now closely follow how it goes. Because there are some lawsuits running between the companies where Oracle likes to portray itself as a victim: SAP is about software theft, HP is about company computers and company secrets and Google is about important patents for the booming smartphones. In many cases, personal sensitivities also play a role - for example, the top manager and Ellison friend Mark Hurd, who was fired from HP, now works for Oracle. (dpa)

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