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Voices on the book

«For many years, FAMILYLIFE has provided essential impulses for the family and marriage landscape. This book is an essence of helpful nudges that are just as useful to the relationship as a can opener is to opening a can.

Marc's book belongs on every toilet. Or somewhere else where you can always find time to read the short articles and invest in your relationship. "

- Andreas “Boppi” Boppart, Head of Campus for Christ Switzerland, Austria and Germany

«Marc Bareth translates scientific knowledge in an entertaining way into everyday relationship impulses. This book shows what you can do to make love last. "

- Prof. Dr. Guy Bodenmann, couple researcher and therapist at the University of Zurich

«Short, crisp and helpful impulses for everyday life that encourage engagement in one's own relationship. They make the reader smile, reflect and convey hope. Thanks Marc! What a treasure trove of impulses. They make couples fly. "

- Susanna Aerne, head of education at the Swiss White Cross and systemic couple and family counselor at the IKP

«I can highly recommend“ Strongly Relationship ”to you. You will find funny, deep and inspiring ideas for your relationship in it. Reading the book and taking on the challenges of the next-level questions will definitely be worth it - for both of you. "

- Rev. Dr. Christoph Monsch-Rinderknecht, President MarriageWeek Switzerland and lecturer for marriage pastoral care at the STH Basel

«I'm a fan of Marc Bareth's 5-minute impulses. He manages to get to the heart of the central questions of the partnership in the smallest of spaces and at the same time to accommodate valuable suggestions for everyday relationships. Highly recommended!"

- Christof Klenk, Family Editor, Author

«Relationship booster for lazy readers! Marc Bareth hits the nail on the head with short and crisp inputs and challenges couples in a very specific way. This book is super compact and practical. "

- Sam Haiser, Head of SHINE Austria