What is the best Hearthstone betting website

Hearthstone - Heroes of Warcraft and Betting

HearthStone as a free game

As it should be for eSports games, there are also HearthStone Tournaments, i.e. championships in which the best players are chosen. The World Championships in eSports HearthStone have now taken place several times. The prize money was quite impressive. What makes the professional happy can meanwhile also please us customers from betting sites. Because we can bet on all games in the eSports category, including HearthStone.

If you don't know the game yet and would like to practice for free, you can use the HearthStone beta version. There are countless competitions where you can dust off the coveted beta keys. You log into the Blizzard Battlenet, install a small program, transmit a few key data via your own computer and, if everything fits, get access to the beta version and get started.

About the game

There is something that most eSports games have in common: two players or groups play a game against each other. Here there are two players who take turns taking turns. The player has two minutes for each move - similar to chess. Each player has 30 life points at the start of the game. The card set contains characters such as servants and wizards and other heroes. These have different abilities that serve to weaken the opponent (to take life points) and to turn them off. The strategy is to counter your opponent's cards as well as possible in order to cause him more damage than he does to you. If the life points are used up, the player has lost.

As a player, you put together a deck of 30 cards, with a total of around 800 cards to choose from. You can hold a maximum of 10 cards in your hand at once. You have to be a bit lucky to have the right cards in hand to be able to counterattack your opponent. The rest is pure strategy. If you know how your opponent is playing, this is an advantage because you can assess which cards he is holding in his hand. If you play opaque yourself, it will be difficult for the opponent to see through the strategy and to score accordingly. Although you have 2 minutes per move, a game rarely lasts longer than 10 to 15 minutes. That makes the entertainment quite entertaining - also for the viewer, who can bet on the outcome of the game.

HearthStone betting at eSports

As with all professional sports, you can place bets on the outcome of the game at Hearthstone. Betting sites that offer eSports very likely also have this card game in their range. Anyone who knows the game will appreciate the advantages and the exciting side of it. That makes it extremely attractive for betting.

Professional HearthStone tournaments will be broadcast - including commentators via stream. As the audience numbers show, there is a not to be despised following who like to watch the players. This also helps to recognize the winner earlier and to get the most out of the betting odds.

Where can you bet on eSports?

The eSports genre at betting sites is a really new one. The scene has established itself over the past few years and is growing steadily to rapidly. The fact that professional gamblers win large sums of money with these games gives it a helping hand. As always, when money is involved, betting portals are also quickly pushing to be able to include these games in their range. For that to happen, the game has to follow strict rules. Otherwise fraud cannot be ruled out.

In fact, games like HearthStone follow set rules. Any fraud can be ruled out. The pros win money when they win games and tournaments, you as a spectator win money when you bet on the winner. If an underdog wins, whom you had firmly on the bill, the odds will be good and your profit will be correspondingly large. If you bet on the favorite of the tournament and this one wins too, the profit will be smaller. Either way - the main thing is profit. There are now a few good betting sites that offer eSports. Many of you also offer your customers nice bonus offers. Bonus funds are small gifts that are given to you. If you use these several times and generate profits, you can also have them paid out after a certain period of time.

The nice thing about betting sites on the internet is that you can place bets anytime, anywhere. You don't even have to go outside. Payment is made in different ways, which you can find in the payment methods. There are hardly any limits to the imagination.

Depending on the provider, you can bet on the winner of individual games or entire tournaments at HearthStone. The odds can vary depending on the provider. Each site has its own bookmaker who select their own favorites and therefore calculate their own odds. A comparison between the providers can therefore be worthwhile for you. If you are not a food lover and do not disdain additional income, you should therefore compare the offers.

There is something magical about the game that casts its spell over the viewer and player alike. If you want to know more about it, the best thing to do is to get a beta key and try the game yourself. The better you understand it, the happier the bets will be. We are sure of it. All the best and have fun!