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Bafög was yesterday: top payers in the internship

12th place: Accenture

The interns at the service company Accenture move above the magical thousand mark: According to the employer rating portal Glassdoor, interns at Accenture earn an average of 1,066 euros per month. Between eight weeks and six months, interns can gain experience in a renowned company. Accenture offers internships at several locations across Germany and exciting insights into different areas, for example management and technology consulting and outsourcing.


11th place: Adidas

Adidas offers around 500 internship positions every year - not only at the headquarters in Herzogenaurach, but also at locations abroad such as Amsterdam and Barcelona. The sporting goods manufacturer pays its mandatory interns 1,113 euros a month, while voluntary interns receive the minimum wage stipulated by the collective agreement. In direct competition, the pay for mandatory interns seems to be worse: According to information from the employer evaluation portal Glassdoor, intern salaries at Puma are up to 2,000 euros. Nike is well below that.


10th place: Big Four of the auditors

The auditing company Deloitte is one of the Big Four. Deloitte is also at the forefront when it comes to internship salaries, even if it is only eighth in our ranking. According to insiders, interns earn an average of 1,039 euros a month. Deloitte offers internships in all business areas, they last at least eight weeks, ideally three to six months. Those who stay longer than three months get 1,700 euros, which is roughly the same as the minimum wage. This sum also seems to be common at the other large consulting firms: If the internship lasts less than three months, EY, KPMG and PwC pay between 1,000 and 1,250 euros, for longer internships there are 1,700 euros per month.


9th place: HSBC

The major international bank HSBC is constantly looking for interns in various areas for its German location in North Rhine-Westphalia. There is also an opportunity to be taken on to start your career after a successful internship. The remuneration for interns at HSBS is particularly attractive. Because, according to Glassdoor, they earn around 1,500 euros a month. The minimum duration for an internship is three months.


Everything revolves around your internship here: We'll show you how to find the right position, apply successfully and make the most of your internship. Of course, there is also information on salary and employment contracts.




8th place: Clifford Chance

Law students have to do an internship, so law firms are not obliged to pay their interns. If you not only want to learn a lot, but also want to earn a decent income, Clifford Chance is well placed. In the major international law firm, law students can apply from the fourth semester and, in addition to the daily training on the job, attend internal training courses. For this they get 250 euros gross. Of course, every week. Interns who have already passed the first state examination earn twice as much - that is 2,000 euros per month.


7th place: Nestlé

The interns are also doing well at the world's largest food company: Nestlé pays all interns around 2,000 euros. For four to six months, students can participate in the branding of well-known brands, work in the Maggi cooking studio or support the sales team.


6th place: Deutsche (Bundes) Bank

Future bankers can look forward to a high salary even during their internship: The Deutsche Bundesbank pays its interns who are studying for a bachelor's or master's degree, 800 euros a month. If interns have a bachelor's degree at the beginning of the full-time internship, they earn 1,650 euros per month.

It looks completely different at Deutsche Bank: Here the salary depends on the division in which you work. There are already big differences at the internship level. While you only get 1,000 euros in private customer business, interns in corporate banking earn twice as much.


5th place: Hays

Even the well-known company for personnel services and recruitment, Hays, does not spoil it. According to Glassdoor, she pays her interns around 1,500 euros a month and is well above the average. Hays has several locations in Germany and offers attractive Prakitka, but also numerous jobs for people starting their careers.


4th place: Roland Berger

Sure, the consulting industry should not be missing from a salary ranking. According to insiders, up to 3,000 euros are also possible at the Roland Berger strategy consultancy. This is one of the reasons why internships are in great demand and the selection process is very demanding. Anyone who has made it through the application process can expect many exciting tasks and the notorious consultant working hours. That should put the hourly wages of this generous internship's salary back into perspective.


3rd place: BASF

BASF supports the "Fair Company" initiative. The Ludwigshafen company therefore undertakes not to replace full-time positions with interns and not to put off graduates with an internship. And since the Badische Anilin- und Soda-Fabrik demands a lot from its interns, decent pay is only fair. All internships at BASF are remunerated and in some cases the company pays more than the minimum wage: interns and doctoral students earn between 800 and 1,700 euros.


2nd place: Rothschild

Far ahead in terms of internship salaries - no real surprise - there is another bank. At Rothschild, students learn to manage and grow capital. They can also put what they have learned into practice privately, because the company pays them 3,000 euros a month. In the best case scenario, growth in learning and wealth accumulation go hand in hand. Internship, what more do you want?


1st place: Google

$ 6,000 for an internship? Yes, there really is. But only in Silicon Valley. In Germany, Google is not that generous, but still tops our list of top payers: An intern in software engineering earns up to 2,900 euros a month, and industrial analysts earn a good 2,600 euros, according to the employer rating portal Glassdoor. There are many other incentives for the internet giant. The interns are also allowed to use the in-house gym and massage chairs. No wonder that over two million people apply to Google around the world every year.


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Annette Kamps, Editor