How was Nepal founded

Kathmandu - background
Kathmandu is the capital and heart of Nepal. The city, located slightly southeast of central Nepal, is surrounded by the "Ring Road".

The main bus station is to the north and Tribhuvan International Airport is to the east. Kathmandu is by far the largest city in Nepal. It is the country's commercial and cultural center.

The capital of Nepal is growing at breakneck speed and has transformed in a short time from a tranquil town with small, bizarre alleys into a bustling metropolis with almost 1,100,000 inhabitants. Kathmandu was founded in the 8th century. Kathmandu has been the capital of Nepal since 1769, when the Shah dynasty proclaimed the Kingdom of Nepal.

The flow of immigrants, which mainly brings people from rural areas to the city, continues. What this means for the development and expansion of the city can be seen in the satellite images. There are many other interesting things to discover while working through the suggested exercises.

Not so long ago, the city of Kathmandu with its valley was synonymous with Nepal. The remote valley could only be reached by long walks. Times have changed, but the valley is still the heart of Nepal. Today around 1,100,000 people live in the capital and immigration from the countryside continues. Thanks to its enormous fertility, the region has always been of particular importance to the country's monarchs over the centuries. The fertile soil is due to a large lake that once filled almost the entire valley. The valley itself is bordered by steep mountains.