Why is Apple leaving Intel

But no own 5G modem from Apple? Senior engineer leaves company

Since 2005 Rubén Caballero worked as a hardware engineer at Apple. There he researched and developed wireless technology for numerous Apple products. Over the years he has secured several hundred patents for Apple. His development team was also involved in the "Antennagate" for the iPhone 4. Most recently, he is said to have held a leading position at Apple in the development of his own 5G modem. However, according to The Information website, he is now said to have left Apple. There is no official statement from Apple or Caballero, so the background remains unclear.

According to the report, he should have been with Apple until February. However, there are said to have been several changes in February. At that time Apple is said to have transferred the management of modem development to Johny Srouji. In addition, the company was able to secure Intel's senior 5G engineer Umashankar Thyagarajan, who had previously spent around ten years at Intel.

Since then there have been several rumors about the iPhone. Accordingly, Apple should receive appropriate 5G modems from Intel in the coming year, but these should still be plagued by difficulties. The development of your own chip, on the other hand, should not be completed before 2021. Then there was the surprising event: Apple and Qualcomm come to an agreement and sign a new contract for the delivery of 5G chips, so that Intel got out of the business and Apple's own development was probably postponed as a result.