Are payment banks safe to use

The 9 best PayPal alternatives at a glance

Paydirect Surcharge possible at individual dealers checking account Data protection: data remain with the bank, no forwarding to third parties, buyer protection Not widespread so far, phishing attacks possible Giropay Surcharge possible at individual dealers checking account Widely used payment method, no separate account required No buyer protection, phishing attacks possible Immediate service (formerly SOFORT transfer) Surcharge possible at individual dealers, some dealers also grant discounts checking account Optional buyer protection, no separate account required, widespread, rarely fees Privacy concerns, phishing attacks possible Master pass Free of charge for buyers, merchants bear the usual fees for credit card transactions Credit card Completely free of charge for the buyer, high security standards Billing only possible via credit card Amazon Pay For sellers 1.9 percent plus 35 cents per transaction Debit [?] Credit card No further account with the dealer required, no transfer of payment data to third parties Can only be used with an Amazon account, consumer protection concerns Apple Pay Fees not known for users, approx. 0.15 percent per transaction for the card issuer Credit card Security, diverse uses, data protection Can only be used with Apple products, not yet introduced in Germany, not yet known how quickly and how far the service will spread Google Pay No Credit card High security standard, can be used as a separate app independently of Google Not yet widely used No cash payment No account required, no exchange of sensitive data, withdraw cash or deposit at supermarket checkouts with CASH26 Payment not on the PC, but on site in a branch Skrill No Credit card, checking account Cost control thanks to the prepaid system, no transfer of bank details to the merchant Not widely used, no cancellation possible, additional services and higher security standards for a fee