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Against sleep disorders

05/17/2018 Comment from Didi:

I got the sleep disorder medication. I have had insomnia for 5 years from persistent headaches. To be honest, I take this stuff but I'm extremely irritable and aggressive.


05/21/2017 Comment from Bernie:

Actually, I was prescribed Atarax 25mg for itching. The actual effect of the drug should, however, be a pleasant form of relaxed emotionlessness. That's why the stuff is also called Atarax! (The term can be googled. This would go beyond the scope of this.)

But I had to read reports here that the drug would not be suitable for long-term medication, as you would have to expect more fatigue the next day. And this statement is exactly wrong! This is precisely why you should take it as a permanent medication, as this fatigue does not occur until after a period of acclimatization of approx. 10 days.

Like many other psychotropic drugs, it is not a reliever medication that you take just like aspirin, and that's it.

Also - the question of whether such a drug is addictive or not is completely unimportant.
That stuff has to help, and the rest is a minor matter!

What do I get if I have to endure all imaginable conditions and suffering, and only manage not to become addicted? In addition - psychotropic drugs are usually not addictive but if they are, then addictive. And in the end, that doesn't matter to a really sick person as long as the stuff helps.

because of itching

03/26/2015 - comment from Stefan:

I got the medication from the dermatologist because it was very itchy. Taken in the evening, I'm useless for the entire next day, so to speak, because of constant tiredness. However, the complaints are dealt with quickly and effectively.

10/19/2015 comment from Ali:

The drug helps very well with itchy skin disease. For months I have suffered from very severe itching of unknown cause. With Atarax (daily 1/2 tablet in the evening) no more itching relatively quickly, restful nights and skin can recover. Break out of the itch-scratch vicious circle. Big disadvantage: The next day after taking it I feel very tired, exhausted and have migraine-like headaches. So not suitable for long-term medication.

Atarax for Generalized Anxiety Disorder

2015-02-05 - comment from Jamie:

I googled generalized anxiety disorder and found this drug listed as an anxiolytic. It's not addicting. did anyone take it? Did it work? Any experience with this drug?

2015-02-08 - re: - Comment from Kitt:

Good afternoon jamie,
i have this drug, it's an antihistamine. The active ingredient is called hydroxyzine. It is intended for the relief of symptoms of anxiety and tension. However, this drug is not for long-term use, so do not use it for longer than four months.

It's worth talking to your doctor about it. I used Atarax as an antihistamine. It can make you very tired and sleepy. Hope this helps answer your question.

Against panic attacks

10/19/2018 comment from Maschl:

I always take atarax when I have panic attacks and it helps me very, very well, I have to say, I get very tired and limp after a while, but it calms you down and frees you from feelings of fear.

Atarax as a reliever medication

11/16/2018 comment from Duvalle:

After many years of depression in combination with anxiety disorders and panic attacks, I was originally prescribed a light dose of Praxiten for the day and Xanor for the night. Unfortunately with the side effect that both drugs are addictive, after a few months I needed a higher dose and ultimately the withdrawal was anything but pleasant.
There was a switch to Efectin and Seroquel. As an on-demand medication, I received Atarax 25 mg. With the practice reduction I took 2 x 1/2 tablet per day, after a month 1 x 1/2 per day and now only as needed: For example, when I get into a stressful situation or generally a restless, nervous one Condition.
This is currently limited to about 1/2 tablet in 2 weeks.

Advantage: If you take Atarax less often, the effect occurs very quickly and positively. Does exactly what I take her to do.

Disadvantage: Occurring, slight tiredness (but that has a sedative in itself), as well as erectile dysfunction immediately after ingestion. But that goes away after a few hours.

Conclusion: I always have 1 to 2 tablets with me. Just knowing that you have something with you at all times to help you ensure security and stability.

Against fears and sleep problems: Atarax experience report

05/08/2019 Comment from Maryjane:

I was prescribed this medication by my doctor. It should be relaxing and reduce anxiety. At the same time, it should promote the quality of sleep.

I can report: Atarax definitely makes you tired and calms down. You can sleep through the night. The drug works very quickly. I only take it every now and then when I can't sleep. I would not take it too often because it causes insomnia on discontinuation. Atarax dries out your mouth and the next morning you feel very tired and sluggish.

Otherwise, it is an effective and helpful drug for anxiety disorders and sleep disorders.

Maryjane (21)

long-term use of Atarax

09/04/2019 Experience from Kiboko:

Have been taking Atarax for almost 20 years. If you take it regularly, daytime sleepiness subsides. I slept very well at night. Weaning was a problem. Although it has been discontinued for several months, my skin is itchy in various places. I didn't have this problem before taking Atarax. I also slept very poorly for the first few weeks. In the meantime that has subsided.

More testimonials

Anonymous said on 03/23/2021:
It worked very well at the beginning, but now I'm starting to get quite restless ...

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