Why don't girls play baseball

Baseball League MLB: This 16-year-old breaks all gender lines

Melissa Mayeux is passionate about playing baseball - and almost casually tearing down social barriers. The 16-year-old French woman was the first woman to make it onto the international shortlist of the North American Major League. That means they can now sign professional baseball clubs in the US and Canada.

It wouldn't be the first hurdle the cheeky teenager took. In her homeland, she has already made sure that a no-girl rule is overturned so that she can play baseball with boys. Mayeux is currently working in a training camp in Germany with the American legend Steve Finley on her hitting arm.

A young baseball pioneer from the country of the Tour de France and the 1998 soccer world champion - who would have thought that? In France, the first baseball game took place in 1889 in the shadow of the unfinished Eiffel Tower, but the country is not exactly known as a haven for ardent fans of the sport. Mayeux's baseball ambitions are all the more surprising.

It all started very simply. Her older brother Dylan played baseball and she just wanted to imitate him, Mayeux says. “I followed him everywhere. We were very close so we did everything together, ”she said. When he went to training, she always wanted to go with him. So she started training at the age of three and played in her first championship when she was five. She is now a member of the French national junior team and the national softball team.