How can I get another driver's license?

Exchange driver's license

If you still have an old paper driver's license, you are obliged to exchange it for a new driver's license in credit card format. There are recommended deadlines for exchanging the paper license. The Exchange period for the so-called "old rag" depends on yours Year of birth. For a driver's license in credit card format issued between 1999 and 2013, the deadline is based on the Date of issue of the driver's license. Please note: The date of issue is decisive, not the date of issue.

Driver's license issued before 1999

If your driver's license was issued before 1999, you still have one Paper license. This will soon lose its validity and must be exchanged. By when the driver's license must be exchanged depends on your year of birth. The following overview shows you until when you need to exchange your driver's license:

Overview: Exchange driver's license according to year of birth

Year of birthExchange until
Before 195319.01.2033
1953 - 195819.01.2022
1959 - 196419.01.2023
1965 - 197019.01.2024
From 1971 or after19.01.2025

Table: Exchanging driving licenses by year of birth

All old paper driving licenses must be exchanged for the new card driving licenses by 2033 at the latest.

Special feature: Exchange driver's license from class 3 to class B driver's license

With the new driving license directive and the introduction of the EU driving license, the definitions and names of the driving license classes also changed. The Car driving license class 3 is called since then Driving license class B. With the new Class B, drivers are only allowed to pull trailers weighing up to 750 kg. Heavier trailers may only be towed if the permissible total weight of the vehicle and trailer is less than 3.5 tonnes. With the old driver's license class, however, vehicles up to 7.5 tons were still allowed to be driven.

When exchanging a driver's license from class 3 to class B, the so-called Vested rights. Accordingly, drivers license holders with old driver license classes can continue to drive the larger classes. Your driver's license office can also provide you with information on this. You can find more information about the changes to the driving license classes in the article "Overview of driving license classes".

Driver's license issued after 1999

Since 1999, driver's licenses have been issued as plastic cards the size of a credit card. If your driver's license was issued between 1999 and 2013, it must also be exchanged. One of the reasons for this is the Update of the driver's license document. This ensures that passport photos and names are up to date. This makes it easier for the police and other authorities to work during controls. When exchanging your driver's license issued between 1999 and 2013, the deadline depends on the date of issue.

Overview: Exchange driver's license according to the date of issue

date of issueExchange until
1999 - 200119.01.2026
2002 - 200419.01.2027
2005 - 200719.01.2028
2012 - 18.01.201319.01.2033

Table: Exchanging a driver's license according to the date of issue

The Staggered driving license exchange primarily relieves the driver's license offices. This is to avoid everyone exchanging their driver's license at the same time. Of course, you can also exchange your old driver's license at the relevant licensing authority before the expiry date.