How can I strengthen myself mentally

Mental training

Mental training is a very effective strategy for acquiring and improving athletic, mental and emotional strategies and techniques. In psychotherapy, especially in cognitive behavioral therapy, mental training is used to learn coping strategies, e.g. how to deal with fear. Mental training is also ideal for replacing negative thought habits with more positive ones.

If, for example, you tend to be pessimistic and want to acquire an optimistic way of thinking, then you can use mental training to train an optimistic way of thinking until it becomes part of your flesh and blood.

Mental training through imagination exercises (visualization, imagination exercises) is a mental form of exercise in which you imagine in your mind how you want to think, feel and act in a certain situation. You are already very familiar with introductory exercises. You have been practicing this form of exercise for as long as you can remember. Whenever you recall an unpleasant and unpleasant event with pessimistic thoughts, you are practicing your mind and thereby keeping the memory and the negative feelings associated with it awake. Whenever you think of something bad for the future and are worried, do imagination exercises. You then experience exactly the same feelings as when you actually experienced the bad.

Your brain doesn't notice the difference between just imagining (imagining) something and actually experiencing something.