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HTTP 504 (Gateway Timeout): This is how you can fix the 504 error

Solution 3: check proxy server settings

If you use a proxy server for your Internet activities, you should definitely check the corresponding settings in your browser if a 504 error cannot be resolved by refreshing the page or restarting the router. On the one hand, it may be that the Incorrect configuration on the other hand it may be necessary select a different proxybecause the previously used server is no longer available or has technical problems - even if separate messages such as “proxy server does not respond” or “proxy server refuses to connect” are usually output. In our guide you can find out how to use the Adjust proxy settings in the browser can.

Solution 4: change DNS server

The DNS servers used by the router can also be responsible for the 504 gateway timeout. Your internet provider arranges them automatically a primary and a secondary server when you connect to the internet - but you can too your own selection for name resolution. However, both variants are not 100 percent fail-safe, which is why one Timeout when contacting the DNS server is quite possible. In such a scenario, switching to a different, free and publicly available DNS server may be the optimal solution. In the Digital Guide you will find out which steps are necessary to change the DNS server.

Solution 5: Contact the site operator and / or provider

If you are unsuccessful with the changes to your own hardware and software, it is best to contact the website operator or the responsible administrator directly. Lies the cause of the HTTP 504 error namely with the web project itself, you will find out firsthand what the problem is and when the website is likely to be available again. However, if the error only occurs with you or a certain part of the users, this is very likely a sign that a Server of your internet service provider affected is. In this case you have no choice but to contact them.