What is the correct pronunciation of durarara

How do you pronounce these French cities?

So somehow I've been really confused about what my mother tongue is since we had a conversation. I was born in Vladivostok (Russia) and, like my parents, I am Russian by birth. I only lived in Russia until I was 3 years old, and at that age you don't talk too much. I can speak Russian and it's my first language and the language I speak to my parents in, but when we were 3 we moved to Marseille (France). So from 3 to 10 years I lived in France, grew up with the French language, went to school, only had French contact and it is still the language in which I actually think. Be that as it may, I moved to Berlin with my parents when I was 10 (my parents are diplomats) and have been learning German ever since, and I only speak German with people, with the exception of relatives and French friends. The thing now is that I speak three languages ​​fluently and like a native speaker, so to speak (I don't mean to brag about it now, but it's a fact that is important to the following question). So my first language is Russian (which I internalized later in France with my Russian-speaking parents), I'm Russian too, but I grew up with the French language (with 3 you probably didn't speak properly) Went to school and I probably have a better command of it than Russian. And now I almost only speak German, I graduated from high school and graduated in German, I speak and write fluently and now also study in German (I'm 18) Who thinks what is really my mother tongue? All my Russian, but French is actually much more familiar to me. What do you think? Thank you for your answers