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The MEG 2 - Part two is even more monstrous than the original!

The two monster giants Godzilla and Kong have not even appeared in German cinemas before the next catastrophe is looming in the water. Because probably in 2022 it will be said again: Eat or be eaten! MEG, the monstrous megalodon from Warner's snappy shark blockbuster from 2018, is back. Wait a minute, may it go through your mind now - wasn't the beast killed at the end of the film?

That is true, but it was the copy from the first film by director Jon Turteltaub (Duel of the magicians) neither the only nor the greatest prehistoric shark colossus. And so Jason Statham, who has already been confirmed for the sequel, will probably have to go back in front of the camera this summer and take on an even more terrifying monster from prehistoric times that is supposed to literally overshadow its predecessors.

There is no escape from MEG! © Warner Bros.

Is still The MEG 2 Months away from the start of shooting, but filmmaker Ben Wheatley is already raving about the release of his new shocker In the Earth of the "insanely monstrous, almost unbelievable dimensions" of his film.

MEG 2: Even bigger and more monstrous

The script is already done and Wheatley, who has been known as a British specialist for small, mean thrillers like so far Kill list, A Field in England, Sightseers and High rise, but also the new Hitchcock edition Rebecca on the screen is in the middle of the storyboard phase, which has now been going on for three or four months. The time to look his most monstrous enemy in the eye is getting closer for Statham, who even at 53 still shows considerable taker qualities, but just as likes to hand out.

“The action in the second part is just going to be crazy,” promises Wheatley and of course indirectly alludes to one or the other breakneck, memorable action sequence in connection with the primeval giant and his pursuers. His ultimate goal: to make fans happy who already liked the first part. It is quite a responsibility, he admits, but in any case he wants to make sure that "Meg 2 lives up to the high expectations and is exactly the kind of experience that fans of great sharks expect from the film. "

Jason Statham is allowed to run a second time © Warner Bros.

MEG remains true to itself

Anyone who worries that Wheatleys are based on a more unconventional way of filmmaking The MEG 2 could rub off, may also breathe a sigh of relief. At Doctor Who After all, nobody would just change the formula for success just because they feel like it, says Wheatley.

The comparison makes it clear: Although he brings his own note, he has no plans to change anything in the basic direction of the film. And so you can also join The MEG 2 Look forward to powerful cinema with brisk sayings, nice effects and of course a lot of human-versus-basking shark action. By the way, Warner Bros. does not yet want to reveal whether the sequel is a direct film adaptation of Steve Altens second MEG-Roman (yes, the franchise is based on a multi-part book series) or something more independent.

Something big is approaching. © Warner Bros.

Written on 04/15/2021 by Torsten Schrader