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At home because of Corona? - 8 suggestions on how to use your time wisely!

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The corona virus is the main topic and the restrictions affect us all - no events, closed schools, the urgent advice of the Federal Chancellor on as few social contacts as possible and in some federal states there are officially ordered exit restrictions. We are all instructed to stay at home. Here are our 8 tips on how you can make good use of your time in your own four walls.

It is essential for our health system to contain or slow down the spread of the virus. In addition to washing our hands and complying with hygiene rules, we achieve this especially when weKeep your distance and just stay at home.A lot of people are currently doing that, but even with the greatest "good will" - at some point the apartment will be spick and span, gambled through your favorite game or read books enough: you just have the feeling that the ceiling is falling on your head ...


So that this doesn't happen to you, here are 8 tips on how you can make good use of your time at home:

  1. Muck out and part with things that you don't need

    Anyone who manages to get rid of superfluous things and rubbish not only has a tidy and clean home afterwards, but also throws off ballast in a figurative sense: Because the process also clears the mind and creates space for new ideas and energy. Mucking out makes you happy!
  2. Doing things that you would otherwise never get to

    It can be a good feeling to do things that have been postponed for a long time - for example cleaning the car again, changing the flat bike tire or repairing the broken shelf. Now is the time to do everything you wanted to do for a long time and never did!

  3. Find peace at home: wellness, bathtub, face mask

    Just let your mind wander - you can do it at home too! Light scented candles, have a nice bubble bath and read a good book or watch your favorite film in pajamas with a face mask. Relax and recharge your inner battery. (Okay: maybe more of a tip for the girls). ;)

  4. Cook healthily - try new recipes

    Right now it is all the more important to eat healthily and it is also really fun! When you buy fresh vegetables, you not only save unnecessary additives and sugar compared to ready-made meals, but also a lot of packaging waste! So only advantages.

  5. Be creative: do handicrafts, paint, sew

    Everyone is creative - take the time to live out your passion. It doesn't matter whether you're pulling out the crayons, tinkering something pretty with glue and scissors, tinkering with a piece of wood by hand or sewing an old piece of clothing into something new. Once you've started, you won't be able to stop. Try it!

  6. Learn something new: e.g. a language (online)

    Have you had the desire to learn a new language for a long time? Maybe French, for your next vacation on the Côte d’Azur or just finally being able to speak good English? Now you have the time! If you are now thinking old-fashioned about cramming vocabulary, you are wrong. Because there are now numerous online providers who can teach you a new language interactively. This makes learning really fun.

  7. Show your solidarity: help neighbors with smaller errands

    Even without a corona pandemic, it is important to take care of our fellow human beings. In the current time, we should be particularly considerate of the elderly and people with previous illnesses. Offer your help with shopping or other errands. Even if you get back a grateful smile - you'll see, it's worth it!

  8. Keep fit with exercise at home too

    The easiest and fastest way to clear your head is, of course, during exercise. Since you currently cannot work out in our FIT STAR studios, we have a few alternatives for you: How about a little stamina, e.g. a run through the forest? Or you dare to take a Les Mills course - it's also available online at:

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    All well and good, but you want to see YOUR TRAINER? No problem. We were already busy last week and shot training videos with our FIT STAR trainers - the coolest guys and girls in town. It's best to follow us on Facebook or Instagram, then you won't miss a thing!


Have fun trying it out and stay healthy! :)



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