How do I reprogram my subconscious

Programming yourself for success: how does it work?

Do you dream of finally achieving your sporting, professional or private goals? Your subconscious will help you! How you can unleash this secret power that lies dormant deep inside you, we will tell you here.

Only about 5% of our daily actions and decisions are made consciously. The rest is controlled by an autopilot called the subconscious. If you want to program yourself for success, you should learn to work with the subconscious - for example through the power of positive thoughts, meditation and coaching.

The mysterious power of the subconscious

Your cell phone alarm clock rings. With a low moan, you press the snooze button - once, twice, three times. Actually, you wanted to get up extra early today to go for a run before work. Nothing will come of it. Again. When you finally torture yourself out of bed, you feel like a loser. You ask yourself: “What else do successful people do? Those guys who climb a summit before sunrise, who eat healthily and have a mega-career on the side? "

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Maybe you know this feeling. Again and again you decide to do more sport (but now really!), To change your diet or to finally climb to the next level of the career ladder and earn a lot of money. But somehow it doesn't really work. We explain what your subconscious has to do with it and investigate the question of whether and how you can program yourself for success.

Accessing the Subconscious: The Basics

Your subconscious has more power over you than you think. According to experts, only about 5% of our actions are conscious. The remaining 95% are thoughts, decisions, and actions that happen automatically. That's a good thing, because: Every day you get thousands of impressions, you make countless small decisions - from “Which shirt should I wear?” To “Will I still catch the bus if I run off now?” About time and energy To save, your brain has passed these decisions on to your subconscious. Your “working memory” would be brought to its knees if you had to consciously carry out every movement and every action. Or have you ever actively thought to yourself while running: "I have to put one foot in front of the other to move forward?"

Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, assumed that our minds are like an iceberg. The little tip that protrudes from the sea contains all the thoughts, feelings and memories that we are aware of. The far greater part is under water - that is the subconscious. This is where our mind stores feelings and urges that are too painful to actively perceive. Nevertheless, according to Freud, they strongly influence our everyday life. Whether this is actually true with the traumatic memories in the subconscious is at least controversial today. Many scientists now see the task of the subconscious in making your brain more effective. Nevertheless, the iceberg is a nice picture to help you better understand the meaning of the subconscious.

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Training the subconscious: getting rid of negative beliefs

If you want to break routines and achieve your sporting, private or professional goals, it is important to deal with your subconscious. Why don't you manage to go running in the morning? Why are you still not earning enough even though you throw yourself into work? Guilt can be negative beliefs that affect your subconscious. For example, if you secretly think: “I'm not a morning person!” Or “I just need my beauty sleep”, then of course you will find it difficult to lace up your running shoes early in the morning.

If you want to program your brain for success, you have to throw such negative beliefs overboard. But how is that supposed to work? It's simple: surround yourself with people who bring you closer to your idea of ​​success and happiness. If you want to become a runner, join a running group. If you long for professional and financial success, let yourself be coached. The positive attitudes of those around you can rub off on you and help you steer your subconscious in a new direction.

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Success is programmable: this is how you work with the subconscious

Changing your environment helps to adjust your self-perception. Are you really grumpy about the morning or do you really want to be a smoker? Also, use the power of thought to reprogram your subconscious and improve your health. The more you call positive thoughts into your consciousness, the more they penetrate your subconscious. Instead of thinking: "My sleep is sacred to me, I just lie there", rather think: "Movement is good for me." This form of positive affirmation takes place only in your head and has great effects on your brain: Because the more often you do Doing, thinking or feeling certain things, the stronger the synaptic connections in question become. This ability in your brain is called neuroplasticity. So it is actually possible to program yourself for success.

So-called neuro-linguistic programming makes use of this fact. It is a mental training that is supposed to help you think more positively, get rid of undesirable behavior, deal more consciously with feelings and sharpen your own perception. NLP is particularly popular with teachers, consultants, salespeople and managers and provides a kind of toolbox for personal development - however, its effectiveness has not yet been sufficiently scientifically proven.

If you still want to try neuro-linguistic programming, you can find some videos on the subject on YouTube. For more in-depth information, you can attend (online) seminars.

Open the subconscious with smartphone apps

Further tools to train your subconscious are coaching apps like "Flow Lab". The smartphone application for iPhone and Android promises to improve your concentration, strengthen your self-confidence and increase your motivation. This is made possible by guided meditations and special coaching sessions.

Another useful app is called "Mindshine". The mindfulness coach for your pocket should help you to come closer to your self-chosen goal in small steps. The method: Proven exercises and short meditations should bring more ease into everyday life and trigger feelings of happiness - a good way to program yourself for success!

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You see: An impressive power slumbers in your subconscious, which you can unleash with the right tricks and use for your purposes. Find more inspiration for your mental health in the ottonova magazine.

We'll tell you, for example, how you can find peace and serenity in everyday life, how you activate your self-healing powers and how you can switch off after the home office.


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