Is an important goal in the gym

Trend unbroken: More and more Germans are going to the gym

Women want to lose weight, look good and get their bodies in shape. When it comes to fitness, men are often concerned with building muscle, but the truth is, their biggest goal in exercise is losing weight. To achieve these goals, more and more Germans are going to the gym. And that although types of training such as exercising with your own body weight or outdoor sports and jogging do not actually require a fitness club.

More than 10 million Germans in the gym

But the statistics show that registrations for a fitness studio are steadily increasing in Germany. In 2016, more than 10 million people in Germany were members of a fitness studio. There are already almost 9,000 of them across the country. And that is also evident in sales. The fitness industry was recently able to turn over around five billion euros per year in Germany. And an end to the fitness hype is hardly to be expected. For many people, the topics of healthy eating, sport and sustainable life planning are currently too important. But in Europe, Germany is not number one when it comes to the fitness studio. Great Britain has the highest sales in the fitness industry. Only then does Germany come before Italy and France.

Fitness studio Augsburg: There is also a trend towards gyms in the region

Fitness studios are also present everywhere in the Augsburg region and are usually very popular. Aside from the big issues like losing weight or building muscle, there are many smaller factors that lead people to exercise in an enclosed space. The social factor should not be underestimated. Many people go to the gym to meet or get to know friends and acquaintances or to flirt directly. The gym as a meeting point? Yes, because everyone is the same in the gym. Everyone sweats, has functional clothing on and can hardly stand out with external features or expensive accessories. In addition, they quickly found a common topic, sport.

Courses are popular with women, cross-fit with younger people

Every fitness studio in Augsburg and all of Germany must constantly make sure not to miss the next big hype. Courses in general are long-running, especially among women. But if you want to bind the younger ones, for example, you have to be careful. Most recently, this was noticeable in the cross-fit trend, which is a mixture of weightlifting, sprinting, self-weight exercises and gymnastics. So all classic disciplines that have been extremely popular with boys in recent years. Fitness studios that could not provide the appropriate trainers accordingly did not attract this young and highly motivated target group.

In general, there is a great deal of individualization on the market. Older people often swear by the courses they have known since the 80s, youngsters train like in the old times of the gymnastics movement in the 19th century and in between there are countless tastes between bodybuilding, equipment training, endurance sports and Co.

The wellness factor remains an important criterion - personal training is coming

Most of them go to the gym to train, but the wellness factor is important to many. For example, a sauna is a key must for many. The solarium and special massage tables continue to enjoy great popularity. A possible major trend in the industry is the area of ​​personal training. The trainees have a permanent trainer who usually looks after them alone once or twice a week. The successes are often much better and occur faster than when the trainee works alone. Of course, personal training costs more, because the human effort has to be paid for. But when the pounds drop or the muscles grow, it is worth it to many people.