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6. HubSpot and GDPR - with these HubSpot tools you are on the safe side

The introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for the protection of personal data in the EU poses major challenges for companies. The resulting stricter requirements and obligations with regard to a more transparent and secure handling of user data for companies must now be implemented in existing and new processes. HubSpot offers a range of easy-to-use GDPR tools that help companies meet these requirements.

In order to be able to use the GDPR functionality in HubSpot, the GDPR module must first of all be activated by activating a checkbox in the account settings of the HubSpot portal:

Once this has been done, you have access to GDPR-specific functions in the relevant tools in HubSpot, which enable me as a company to work with personal user data in a GDPR-compliant manner.


What GDPR features does HubSpot offer?

Cookie banner

HubSpot enables me to display a so-called cookie banner on my website, with the help of which page visitors can easily give their consent to cookie tracking. The HubSpot cookie banner is freely configurable and can be easily adapted to the design of your own website.


GDPR-compliant forms

If the GDPR module is activated, I now have the option of making GDPR-relevant settings in the forms. The form-typical data protection and consent text can then be defined here. In addition, I can set the type of consent and the basis for data processing granularly here. This data is then documented in the data record of the contact in CRM so that I can see this important information at any time.


Unsubscribe links in emails

In order to give the contacts control over which e-mails they want to receive and which they do not, HubSpot offers the option of showing an “unsubscribe link” in the footer of the e-mails. If the recipient clicks on this link, HubSpot will automatically unsubscribe the contact from receiving this email type. This ensures at all times that contacts do not receive any e-mails for which they are not registered. Unsubscribe links can be included in e-mails sent directly from the CRM as well as in e-mails that are sent in an automatic sequence.


Meeting tool with consent

Analogous to the settings for recording and documenting consent in the forms, the type of consent and the legal basis for data storage and data processing can also be set in the HubSpot Meetings tool. This enables GDPR-compliant lead generation and data storage with the help of the HubSpot meeting tool.


GDPR-compliant deletion of contacts

The GDPR stipulates that user data will be irrevocably deleted after a request for deletion and without the possibility of restoration. In order to guarantee a GDPR-compliant deletion, HubSpot offers two options for deleting contacts from the CRM when the GDPR module is activated:

  1. The deletion with a 90-day possibility of recovery (not GDPR-compliant)
  2. Permanent deletion without the possibility of recovery (GDPR-compliant)