How can I speak more easily?

10 tips for learning German, speaking German, understanding German and improving German (from the well-known YouTuber Katja from “Deutsch für Euch”)!

Hi Guys! This video is a guest post for Sprachheld for the "A-Z guide with the best resources for learning German online for free“, Which gives you all sorts of new ideas for learning German.

I'm here as a little intro to list 10 methods who will help you to learn German, understand German and speak German - and that above all! - stick with it!

Infographic: What percentage of the population in European countries speaks German.

1. Stay motivated while learning German

On my YouTube channel (and in this post) I will help you if you want to learn (to speak) German.

That’s the first point: stay motivated. Perhaps the hardest part of learning languages ​​in general, but absolutely necessary. The most practical thing is to have an important and ongoing occasion such as moving to Germany - but this is not the case with all.

For everyone else, it's worth it to motivate oneself "artificially": Do as much as possible what you enjoy most. Do you love grammar (as I do)? - finds interesting rules. Are you primarily interested in German culture? - Learn the German language through books, music, films, games or vlogs.

Are you learning to be able to talk to someone in particular? - Strengthen your contact with the person and try to speak German with them as much as possible. The most important thing is to keep the goal in mind, because learning languages ​​needs one thing above all else:

2. Time: How long does it take to learn German?

Sometimes I get the question whether you can somehow learn German perfectly within three months. For most people, unfortunately, the answer is very clear: no.

And that is perfectly logical - languages ​​are quite extensive. Be patient with yourself and plan fixed times for learning in your everyday life.

Doesn't have to be a lot; ten minutes every day Learn vocabulary, for example. Watch a DFE video once a week; D. Listening to German music on the way to work. But make yourself to have at least a little "contact" with the German language every day. This is also made easier through real contact with:

3. Language tandems with German native speakers

Language tandems it is called when two people who want to learn each other's mother tongue meet and help each other with "learning by doing" and also teach "real" language, not just like in a school book.

This is best done through language schools or universities, but also online. There are numerous couple Websites where you can find tandem partners.

4. Listen to German music to learn German

Further contact with the German language can also be found through pure fun: German music, for example. Music has the advantage that the melodies can help you memorize lyrics - even if you don't understand them yet.

This will teach you new German words, but also elements of German sentence structure and German grammar, German pronunciation and, depending on the topic, even aspects of German society. I have a video on my channel in which I recommend German bands.

Another possibility from this corner are:

5. Watch German films and series to learn German

I also made a video about this. Here you not only have the authentic, “real” German pronunciation, but also visual material that can help understanding through context if you can't keep up.

There are also subtitles - and a very clever trick is to look at the German version of things that you already know. In Germany almost everything is synchronized;). This will help you to understand German better and to speak German very quickly.

6. YouTube channels for learning German

Outside of that, there is also the big, wide world of the Internet (as you know, otherwise you would hardly be here). There are of course various options.

First, you can watch learning videos - videos like mine, which are directly about teaching German explicitly. You can find links to other learning channels in the Channel recommendations on my main channel page.

Second, you can check out German YouTube channels that only make videos in German; Of course, this is a better way of learning “real” spoken German, but that takes a lot of knowledge in order to be able to keep up.

To get suggestions easily, kYou can set your country settings on YouTube to "Germany".

7. German learning sites and German blogs

Third, there is Learning sites and blogs like, where explicit and natural blog entries can help you learn German. Another example is

Of course, you can also simply look for German blogs on all topics here. Last fall into this category as well Language forums on the topic of German language and learning German; But they have become quite rare "thanks" to social networks.

8. German online learning programs

There are also plenty of sites with German learning programs on the Internet, both free and paid. Of the free ones, many of you are probably already familiar with duolingo, busuu, memrise, lang8 and many others. These programs are not complete or perfect, but they do help a lot with vocabulary and phrases and are nice material for German beginners.

9. Have fun! while learning German

Make learning German “tasty” later on! Stick your vocabulary sheets to things - you can use e.g. B. Use FlashSticks, these are pre-made Post-Its with German vocabulary. - meet other German learners, switch the language of your social networks to German.

You can find the FlashSTicks here:

The latter is also great with video games, if that's one of your hobbies; just set the user interface and synchronization to German if the option is there.

10. Attend German language courses

Last but not least, there is of course the classic, but often more expensive variant: Attend German courses. For example, I'm personally not good at learning purely self-taught because I get distracted too quickly - that's why I attend language courses.

This goes to language schools or the university - or you register for a German course or even an exchange program of the Goethe Institute.

To find out whether there is a Goethe-Institut near you and how much it costs, you can look here:

I hope my tips will help you to learn German successfully. And take a look at my YouTube channel.

So much for my list. Of course, that's not all you can do to speed up the process of learning German - and any other language, but I think there are quite a few helpful things in there.

If you have any ideas or other experiences about learning German, just leave me a comment.

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