What is the CFNM sexual fetish

Sextrend CFNM & CMNF: that's behind it

It's actually very simple: CFNM stands for Clothed female, naked male (in German: clothed woman, naked man). CMNF for the opposite case: Clothed male, naked female (i.e. clothed man, naked woman).

Sex trend from the fetish scene

Of course, it's not just about one person wearing clothes and the other not. In that case, you would rightly have a question mark on your face as to how exactly the two of them want to have sex and why you should find sex in clothes without skin contact and the optical feast great.

Of course, this is about more than textiles: It is a variant of the fetish scene in which one becomes a voyeur and the other is exposed to his gaze - because naked - is exposed. Both have a specific role.

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This is what CFNM and CMNF are all about

The variant in which the man is naked and the woman is clothed is the more common of the two. As an outsider or a newcomer, you might ask yourself how to have sex fully clothed, but that's not the point anyway. Later, yes, but first it's about another game. The game of dominance and submission.

So the naked person is exposed to the gaze of the clothed person without protection. And also his wishes. In this case, the clothed female says what she wants and what he should do. Be it that he does her love services, should touch or position himself in a certain way - what exactly is up to both of them.

In the BDSM scene, CFNM and CMNF are therefore often used to underline the game between dom and sub. Several people are also happy to take part in the game, for example several dressed and one naked.

This is what defines the game between the naked and the clothed

All of this may sound strange, but it ensures that the sex will definitely be different. Because being naked does not feel familiar at this moment, because both are, but one has an unusual feeling of being at the mercy of the clothed person. The whole thing is irritating and creates a completely new approach to play for both of them.

Of course, the whole thing can also be turned around: the naked person is the dominant part and the clothed person has to do what he says. For example, by trying to seduce the clothed person, who is not allowed to move and touch him.

Touching yourself and orgasming in front of the other can be an important stimulator for both of them in the whole game. But there are hardly any limits to the imagination. CFNM and CMNF are just the framework. What you conjure up from it is up to your dirty imagination.

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Then how do you have sex?

As already mentioned, CFNM and CMNF are not primarily concerned with the act itself, but primarily with the appeal of power games. The feeling of being at the mercy of the other, of having to be submissive to him, to obey his wishes. That may well be quite hot.

Nevertheless, most of them certainly want to be able to get down to business at some point. Precisely because you had previously fueled each other for so long and put off your partner. Keyword "Tease and Denial". And then, of course, the covers can fall on both sides.

Whichever way you feel about CFNM and CMNF: Fortunately, today we are more open with such types of play and allow everyone to be happy according to their own style. And many of these varieties of dominance and submission are certainly an asset for people outside of the BDSM scene. And of course: nothing has to be done, everything can. So you don't have to think everything is great.

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