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Free apps: These professional apps are currently available for free - May 2021


You can currently secure many paid apps for free in the app stores. Whether Android or iPhone - we show which professional apps are offered free of charge for a short time.

Update from May 21, 2021: New to the list are the iPhone and iPad apps "Tiny Calendar Pro" and "Balance: Meditation & Sleep". Of course, there are many other free apps in our overview.

Free apps: Current free promotions in the app stores

There are now millions of free apps on Google Play and the Apple App Store. You often have to pay for popular and particularly good apps or games anyway. But developers keep offering such applications temporarily for free. Below we will keep you up to date on currently free apps for iOS and Android.

  • "Tiny Calendar Pro" (instead of 10.99 euros, iOS)
  • "Balance: Meditation & Sleep" (instead of 54.99 euros, iOS)
  • "Replica: Smart Cast Transfer" (instead of 44.99 euros, iOS)
  • "Message Quest - The great adventures of Feste" (instead of 2.99 euros, Android)
  • "EXIF Viewer" (instead of EUR 3.49, iOS)
  • "Sudoku Challenge" (instead of 2.09 euros, Android)
  • "What can I spend?" (instead of 2.99 euros, Android)
  • "Half-lesson: Learn the piano" (instead of 9.99 euros, iOS)

Free iOS apps: These apps are currently free

There are significantly fewer free apps in the App Store compared to Google Play, which makes corresponding discount campaigns by developers all the more interesting. You can currently find free iOS apps in the following gallery.

To the gallery: iOS apps currently available free of charge >>

IOS apps currently available free of charge
IOS apps currently available free of charge

You can find out how to install iOS apps on your iPhone or iPad in the linked instructions.

Free Android apps: These apps are currently free

Google Play currently has a number of free Android apps that you otherwise only get for a fee. In the following gallery we introduce you to the apps mentioned as well as other currently free purchase apps and guide you to download them.

To the gallery: Android apps currently available free of charge >>

Android apps currently available free of charge
Android apps currently available free of charge

It is not known how long the offers are valid. So you should get the free apps as soon as possible. You can find out how to install Android apps in the linked instructions. Tip: Mostly, new free Android apps arrive at the weekend. Set your bookmarks! We always have the latest Android apps downloads here on time.

Nothing for you? No problem! In our large app overview, we present you the best apps and games for iOS and Android from all possible categories.

In-app purchases and permissions

Many apps and games now offer optional in-app purchases. These can be used to book additional content or functions for a fee. Especially when children use such applications, there can be unwanted costs. If you are afraid of cost traps, we recommend that you have a so-called third-party block set by your mobile phone provider.

This can be used to prevent purchases via the mobile phone bill easily and efficiently. Alternatively, the screen time can also be adjusted accordingly on the iPhone or iPad. The parental controls prevent people without access authorization from making purchases of this kind.

In addition, you should always check carefully whether you are granting permissions for apps and games. For example, if a game wants full access to your mobile phone, including telephone or SMS, you should be careful.

If you have doubts about an authorization, it is better to deny the application access. In the app stores there are always apps and games that try to access data in the background.

The best apps: these are our favorites

There are a few million apps, not all of them are free or can be obtained free of charge thanks to special offers. We have selected the best and introduce them to you. Our favorites from weather, navigation systems, gaming and co .:

By the way: If you don't like an app, you can return it to iOS within a certain period of time. To do this, follow the steps in the linked instructions. In another article we will tell you where you can secure credit for the App Store at low cost.

Note: At the time the article was published, the app was offered free of charge. However, since many actions do not have a clear period of time, the developer can end them at any time without notice.

Incidentally, it is not only paid apps that are often temporarily free of charge. Developers sometimes give away games for PC, PS4, Xbox or the Nintendo Switch that are otherwise chargeable. So that you don't miss out on these game gifts, we will inform you about these offers in the following articles:

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