How can I use circular needles

Knitting with circular needles for round knitting work

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Knitting with circular needles is suitable for circular knitting without seams or when a large number of stitches are to be knitted back and forth

Knitting with circular needles, a circular needle is a thick nylon wire that has short knitting needles at both ends. Circular knitting needles are available in different lengths and strengths. They are usually used to knit sweaters in a round shape, i.e. without seams. This gives the garment a good fit.

Knitting with circular needles

Circular knitting needles are also used for work in which a large number of stitches is knitted back and forth (flat knitting). How to knit scarves with vertical stripes on circular needles. You can also knit sweaters in one piece with circular needles. In the case of a sweater with batwing sleeves, for example, you start with a sleeve that is knitted in a round shape up to the shoulder. Then the back and forth rows on the front and back are worked. The other sleeve is knitted again from the shoulder in the round.


Needle length

A circular knitting needle of a certain length can hold a minimum number of stitches large enough to form a circle. A maximum of 4 times the number of stitches can be recorded on a circular knitting needle, the minimum number. is specified. The table below shows how many stitches can be held at a certain stitch ratio on circular knitting needles of different lengths.

Knitting with circular needles

Use of a circular needle for circular knitting



The stitches are cast on in the normal way. The stitches cannot be twisted on the needle, which can happen when knitting with 4 needles. When all stitches are on the needle, the point of the right needle is inserted into the 1st stitch of the left needle.

Flat knitting

Use a circular needle for flat knitting




It is important to tie a thread of a contrasting color at the beginning of the first round. This makes counting the laps easier.


Knitting flat items on the circular needle

When you need to knit back and forth. Turn work when one row has been worked. With the point of the right needle is then worked back over all stitches.


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