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What should you read e-books with?

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E-books can be read with different devices. It works with e-book readers, smartphones and computers. But not all devices offer a good reading experience.

To understand the differences, an overview is given below.

E-book reader

E-book readers are designed for reading e-books, as the name already makes clear. This is why they are also best suited for reading e-books.

The special screen technology of the e-book readers, which does not require backlighting, and their shape allow several effects:

  • long battery life of up to 8000 pages per charge
  • Font looks almost like it is printed
  • low weight - often less than 200 g
  • Fits comfortably in your hand
  • does not tire the eyes so quickly because of the lack of backlighting
  • usually 6 inches (about 15.2 cm) screen diagonal
  • Screen hardly reflects in bright sunlight
  • good devices cost around 100-170 euros
  • no devices with a good color display, only 16 gray levels (as of April 2021)


You can also read e-books with tablets such as the iPad. In addition to the background lighting, which is annoying when reading for a long time, tablets offer the following properties:

  • very suitable for interactive e-books
  • very short battery life compared to e-book readers (about 10 to about 25 hours)
  • often 2-3 times as heavy as e-book readers
  • Screen reflects outdoors
  • good devices cost around 200-500 euros

The following video makes it clear that it is harder to read e-books outdoors on tablets than on e-book readers:

In addition, you read up to 4.62 times more with e-book readers than when you didn't own one.

In a survey, around 40% of tablet owners stated that they also own an e-book reader. This clearly shows that reading e-books on e-book readers is preferred.


E-books can also be read with computers. For this you need certain programs like the free caliber or you use websites like the Kindle Cloud Reader. However, normal computers have these disadvantages:

  • you usually have to sit to read
  • not mobile or limited
  • unwieldy
  • Screen reflects outdoors


If you want, you can even read your e-books on your smartphone. This is made possible by special apps such as B. the Kindle apps. Smartphones have the following properties:

  • very mobile
  • small screen
  • Screen reflects outdoors
  • Cell phone radiation

Interactive e-books

Tablets are best suited for interactive e-books, which videos and colors make it really worth reading and experiencing. Such special e-books can be found above all at Apple Books. E-book readers are currently mostly unable to display colors or videos.


You can read e-books with multiple devices. The best e-book readers are e-book readers because they offer the best reading experience. Especially in the open air they show their strength against the others. In contrast to those of the other devices, the screens of the e-book readers hardly reflect. They also offer the longest battery life.

If you want, you can synchronize the e-books across the various devices. This is possible via app, computer program and e-book reader. This allows you to continue reading with another device at the point where you last left off.

Second best for reading e-books are tablets because they are handy and reasonably mobile. Tablets show their strengths especially with interactive e-books. They are not suitable for normal e-books due to their heavy weight, short battery life and background lighting, which is annoying when reading for a long time.

One should refrain from cheap e-book readers with LCD screens. Due to the backlight and the very short battery life, these offer a much worse reading experience than those that rely on E Ink technology.

Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite and the Tolino Vision 3 HD are very suitable for reading e-books. Both have an E Ink screen.

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