What terrible books have a great ending

Books: "The Neverending Story" by Michael Ende

Journey to the ivory tower: Michael Ende's fantasy classic "The Neverending Story" is available in paperback format from Carlsen today

"The never ending Story"

"Do what you want" is the inscription on the Fantasy - a land that seems doomed. Because the inhabitants report the same terrible experience from all points of the compass of Fantasia: nothing spreads and devours entire villages and regions ...

The Indian Atreyu from the people of the greenskins: The childlike empress assigned him the task of saving Fantastica. But how, Atreyu doesn't know himself. In search of an answer, he rides aimlessly back and forth through the infinite

The savior of fantasy

But Gmork is wrong. At least there is one person who does not hate and fear fantasy: Bastian Balthasar Bux. The small, plump boy stole the book "The Neverending Story" from an antiquarian bookshop and read it with bated breath to the point where Atreyu meets the werewolf Gmork. Suddenly it becomes clear to him that he has to come to the aid of Atreyu and the childlike empress. There is no time to lose: because nothingness unstoppably closes a circle around the ivory tower - the palace of the golden-eyed mistress of wishes, as the childlike empress is also called. And with her the whole of fantasy would go under ...


"The Neverending Story" is a real savior of fantasy:

Michael Ende's novels - which include such well-known books as "Momo" and "Jim Knopf" - have been translated into over 40 languages ​​and have almost 30 million readers worldwide. Today Carlsen Verlag has published a new edition of Michael Ende's novel "The Neverending Story" in paperback format. So you can travel to the ivory tower quite cheaply ...

Michael Ende: "The Neverending Story", ages 12 and up, Carlsen, € 9.95

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