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03/18/2011, 6:00 p.m. (welcome from 5:00 p.m.)
VWBPE 2011 "Virtual Worlds - Best Practices in Education"
Learning and working in the 3D web: HAW Hamburg and BÜRO X Media Lab present expert panels “Avatars in Class” in Second Life and on the new art and media campus in Hamburg
From March 17th to 19th, 2011, the fourth conference "Virtual Worlds - Best Practices in Education" ( will take place on the Internet platform Second Life. For three days, the focus is on the didactic potential of the avatar character, new applications at the desk and in the lecture hall and, last but not least, the economic advantages of Web 3D. The “Campus Hamburg in 3D” initiative of the BÜRO X Media Lab with the support of HAW Hamburg and ELBE STUDIOS makes a special contribution to this. At the panel “Avatars in Class - Campus Hamburg in 3D”, international experts take stock of four years of experience with the young media technology in projects on the Hamburg campus and discuss with guests from all over the world: Is communication on the web 3D a model of the future? Will the avatar become a catalyst for research, teaching and the world of work? for invitationsee Proposal / EN

Diploma lecture Micha Becker
HCU in 3d: Potential and Organization of Higher Education in the Synthetic World of Second Life
How can educational and research institutes, universities and teaching establishments use synthetic and virtual worlds for teaching and research? What role does the organization of these new digital spaces play in this? The diploma thesis "HCU in 3d" deals with the potential of 3D web technologies and attempts to design a logically derived room system for the real-physical HafenCity University, which can be dynamically and flexibly adapted to the focus and disciplines of the university in virtual space . The work with so-called "showcases" illuminates the current issues in technology development and the media landscape. Anyone who expects a simple reproduction of the university in digital space will be disappointed. Rather, it is about qualitatively occupied and networked content. The lecture for the thesis took place on October 29, 2010 at 6:00 pm live in Second Life® and at the same time physically in the premises of the HafenCity University Hamburg. More information can be found on the website or the flyer.

The work was carried out by Prof. -Ing. Michael Koch, Prof.-Ing. Alenka Poplin (both HCU Hamburg) in cooperation with Büro X Media Lab Hamburg (Hanno Tietgens).

Growing knowledge platform:
Two years "Campus Hamburg in 3D"
On November 27, 2007 the learning platform "Campus Hamburg in 3D" was opened in the virtual online world Second Life. Hanno Tietgens from BÜRO X Media Lab initiated the innovative project and implemented it with the support of the University of Hamburg, the HSBA, the Chamber of Commerce and the City of Hamburg, represented by the Hamburg @ work initiative. The campus is now starting its third year with new projects and new partners. => whole text as PDF => read on in HTML

Hamburg @ work supports the internet project "Campus Hamburg in 3D" in 2010 as well
Exactly two years ago the web 3D learning platform “Campus Hamburg in 3D” was launched in Second Life. The innovative university project of the BÜRO X Media Lab was supported by Hamburg @ work from the start. Now the initiative promises to continue its commitment in 2010. "We are pleased that such a future-oriented research project is being carried out in Hamburg," says Dörthe Julia Zurmöhle, Cluster Manager Hamburg @ work. => whole text as PDF => read on in HTML

Urban planning and architecture between two worlds:
HafenCity University conducts research on "Campus Hamburg in 3D"
Even before the planned laying of the foundation stone in Hafen City in spring 2010, HafenCity University Hamburg (HCU) is conducting a feasibility study to research the potential of digital web 3D platforms such as Second Life® for research and teaching as well as networking with other universities in virtual space. Among other things, it is to be evaluated whether in the context of this media development new collaborations with business and authorities can be initiated; Interested parties are welcome. => whole text as PDF => read on in HTML

DMI goes Second Life:
3D world an integral part of teaching at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW)
The branch of the Faculty of Design, Media and Information (DMI) of the HAW Hamburg in the 3D world Second Life has developed into an integral part of the teaching in the Department of Information since the first planning at the beginning of 2008. Since the beginning of the project, 15 to 20 students have been working on the further development of the virtual campus every semester under the title “DMI goes Second Life”. The license for the virtual branch "Campus Finkenau" was extended by one year at the beginning of the winter semester 2009/2010. => whole text as PDF => read on in HTML
Lecture on the Finkenau campusHAW Hamburg in Second LifeStudents at the HAW Hamburg

Macromedia University now with its own presence in Second Life:
Professors and students use "Campus Hamburg in 3D"
One of the pioneers on the virtual campus in Hamburg is Prof. Dr. Andreas Hebbel-Seeger from the mhmk Macromedia University for Communication and Media, who opened the platform on November 27, 2007 - at that time as a lecturer at the University of Hamburg - with Hanno Tietgens from the BÜRO X Media Lab. Working at the mhmk since 2009, Hebbel-Seeger is continuing his intensive study of the 3D Internet here. Now the mhmk is opening its own presence on the "Campus Hamburg in 3D". => whole text as PDF => read on in HTML
Prof. Dr. A. Hebbel-Seeger with his avatar ahs planner

Hamburg Chamber of Commerce presents the winners of the 6th Hamburg Animation Award on the 3D Internet platform Second Life.
For the second year in a row, the Hamburg Animation Award 2009 student competition will be expanded to include the third dimension of the Internet. Film students from all over the world have again applied for the prestigious award with fascinating works. More
Transfer of the award ceremony from Hamburg to the virtual worldVirtual award ceremony 2009: Avatars by Manfred Behn and Hanno Tietgens

Hamburg Chamber of Commerce presents the Hamburg Animation Award 2008 student competition for the first time in the 3D world of Second Life - lecture and live chat with Disney character designer Stephen Silver.
The Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, the first German institution to enter the virtual world of Second Life at the beginning of 2007, is expanding its activities in the media sector and extending the international animation award into the third dimension with the support of the X Media Lab office. More

Prof. Edward Castronova (Indiana University) gives Mixed Reality lecture at the HAW:
"Serious business in 3D - How online games will change reality"
With the lecture by the renowned economist, the lecture series "Games & Beyond" will be expanded into the third dimension of the Internet for the third time this summer semester on the virtual campus in Hamburg.More

Universität Hamburg starts 3D presence "University of Hamburg" on the Internet platform Second Life
The University of Hamburg is the first German university to open its own island in the virtual 3D world of Second Life with the support of the Büro X media agency. More
Main building in Second Life"University of Hamburg" islandThe interactive project finder

Gamecity Hamburg supports the university initiative "Campus Hamburg" from Büro X;
HAW starts mixed reality lectures in the virtual world Second Life.
After the marketing hype surrounding Second Life has subsided, the focus is now on scientific applications of the 3D online world. The international community of researchers, developers and creative minds in Second Life is growing steadily. More
Entering the seminar by avatar: Glen Sinclair from New Zealand is a guest in the 3D Audimax
The Vice President of New Zealand University Sports gives a lecture to 32 Hamburg students via the Internet - with a click of the mouse he switches from Otago University directly to the Hamburg campus in Second Life. More

Premiere at the Pixel desk:
"Campus Hamburg" starts on the initiative of the media agency Büro X in Web 3D
Hamburg is growing, also on the Internet. In the "Hamburg Islands" region of the 3D platform Second Life, the virtual "Campus Hamburg" opened its doors - a new gateway to the world opens for the talent city on the Elbe. More
CAMPUS HAMBURG from a pre-gel perspective