Roundabouts increase traffic throughput

The 11 most extraordinary roundabouts in the world

Roundabouts increase traffic safety due to the lower vehicle speed and fewer points of conflict. The first was opened in Görlitz in 1899. Here is a selection of the most spectacular tops in the world.

  • In Germany there is a leaflet for the construction of roundabouts

  • In France alone there are 20,000 round points

  • The world's largest spinning top is in Malaysia

Monheim Geyser - Spook on the Rhine promenade

Imagine you are driving towards a roundabout and a geyser shoots up in front of you. What feels like the next doomsday film by star director Roland Emmerich can be experienced since October 2020 on the little-traveled Rhine promenade in Monheim am Rhein. The city administration predicts the time of the outbreak *, announces it and has the traffic stop in good time with a traffic light so that motorists are not frightened.

The up to twelve meter high fountain is a project by the artist Thomas Stricker. It is always active when 64 hours of sunshine have come together. Thus, nature, not a person, determines the rhythm and number of eruptions. In the city on the Rhine, 10 to 20 outbreaks are expected annually. The taxpayers' association is closely monitoring whether the geyser is actually busy haunted. He had criticized that here 600,000 eurosTax money literally blown into the air in terms of construction costs.

Franz-Eberhofer-Kreisel - Running gag in Lower Bavaria

Millions of readers and moviegoers know "Sauerkrautkoma", "Winter Potato Dumplings" and the others Stories by the author Rita Falk around the village police officer Franz Eberhofer. As a running gag, a roundabout on Staatsstraße 2111 north of Frontenhausen can always be seen in the film adaptations - the community represents the fictional Niederkaltenkirchen as a film set.

In August 2018 the traffic junction was officially named "Franz-Eberhofer-Kreisel" *. In the center, a stainless steel sculpture shows the eponymous police officer with private detective Rudi Birkenberger. Came to baptism Main actor Sebastian Bezzel and author Rita Falk in the district of Dingolfing-Landau. Who knows, maybe the book and the film "Kreisverkehrspolka" are already in the making ...

Kersbacher roundabout - Franconian revolutions

Art in the roundabout * is a topic all over the world. It becomes critical where art distracts drivers too much. In a roundabout in the Forchheim district, a lot of space has been given to poetry, which adorns it Quote from the poet Ludwig Tieck: "All of nature is to man, if he is poetically in a mood, only a mirror in which he finds nothing but himself."

If you want to read the sentence in full, in meter-high light metal letters, you may no longer concentrate on your role as a driver - and have to walk around the entire circle. The Bamberg building authority nevertheless approved the winner from among 100 submitted proposals: In the event of an accident, the relatively flexible material aluminum would meet the requirements of the leaflet for the construction of roundabouts Research company for roads and traffic. Accordingly, for reasons of traffic safety, no rigid obstacles may be placed opposite the driveways on a circular island.

Effnerplatz Munich - steel sculpture with "waist"

Until the opening of the Effner tunnel In 2006 in Munich, traffic jams were the order of the day during rush hour. Since then, the cars on Mittlerem Ring and Bülowstrasse or Effnerstrasse have not gotten in each other's way, and the above-ground traffic is much more relaxed. Though trams run across the roundabout and through Mae West in its center. The sculpture is the work of the American sculptor Rita McBride and thanks to its height of 52 meters visible from afar.

Art in architecture was implemented here as a framework in the form of a rotational hyperboloid. That sounds much less sexy than the name of the work, Mae West *, in the original a curvy actress who was considered the sex bomb par excellence in Hollywood in the 1930s. The person and sculpture also have in common that they were at times very controversial: the work of art made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic was mocked by critics as an egg cup and flower stand.

Place Charles de Gaulle - Challenge in Paris

The Place Charles de Gaulle in Paris impresses with a diameter of around 240 meters, twelve streets converging in a star shape - including the Avenue des Champs-Élysées - and a vague number of lanes: These figures make the Place de l'Étoile, according to the former, but still a common name, the largest among the round 20,000 roundabouts in France. Allegedly every second top in the world is located here.

The circle at the Place is formed by the Rue de Presbourg and the Rue de Tilsitt. In order to cope with the sometimes chaotic turmoil of traffic without damage to the car body, the French often take Eye contact with the neighboring drivers before they change lanes. That has proven itself.

From September 18 to October 3, 2021, drivers will also be distracted. Then he should Arc de Thriomphe in the center of the place are wrapped in 25,000 square meters of silvery blue polypropylene fabric, tied together by 7,000 meters of red rope. The artist couple Christo and Jeanne-Claude * made the first sketches for this work back in 1962. Although both died, some of their plans are to be realized.

This is how you behave correctly on a roundabout

If you are not sure how to behave when entering, in the roundabout and when exiting, you will find all the information from the ADAC on driving in the roundabout here.

Magic Roundabout - supervised driving in England

Who comes up with a roundabout made up of a large circle in the middle and five small ones around it? In whose outer lanes the traffic runs clockwise, but inside in the opposite direction? It was Frank Blackmore of the British Transport and Road Research Laboratory who helped motorists in Swindon wanted to leave the choice of how they wanted to cover the route between arrival and departure, whether conventionally and thus often with a detour or as a shortcut through the middle.

Initially, a policeman was stationed at each of the five minis to advise confused drivers. And the Magic Roundabout * appears again and again in listings of the most terrifying roads in the country. But it is also a fact that the adventurous town of Swindon became known nationwide in 1972 and has been here ever since 75 percent fewer accidents with personal injuries gives.

Eysturoyartunnilin - turbo for the Faroe Islands tourism

On the Faroe Islands, the archipelago between Iceland, Great Britain and Norway, a roundabout is considered a beacon of hope for tourists. 72.6 meters under the sea Not only do the three tubes of the Y-shaped tunnel system meet - a worldwide novelty - but also the geographical center of the Faroe Islands. As if that weren't enough, the underwater gyro * was also artistically designed in an elaborate manner. The local sculptor and glass artist Tróndur Patursson created an 80-meter-long sculpture made of steel people that constantly changes its color.

As a driver, you should lower the window before the roundabout, then you can enjoy yourself Sound installation by the experimental musician Jens L. Thomsen. In addition to the significantly shortened connections between the islands, this is a considerable added value, which is worth around 13 euros in toll.

KUFA-Kreisel - for Swiss vinyl fans

Anyone coming from the Swiss A 6 motorway on Bielstrasse to the center of the small town Lyss drives, has been heading straight for a giant turntable since 2019. Since the record has celebrated its comeback under the name vinyl, more of the playback devices have been sold again. Even if not in this size.

The operators of the neighboring culture factory * were involved in the four-year planning of the roundabout. The abbreviation KUFA also adorns the central label of the released record. And 800 metal plates on the side give the impression of a stroboscope. There are, however, two small blemishes: First, the turntable does not turn, but the cars rotate around it. Second, the pickup is missing. But maybe it just takes a little while to perfect the device. The technicians can ask their colleagues in the Faroe Islands how the sound is added.

Vallaviktunnelen - Norwegian Northern Lights

Norway's mountainous coastline, divided by fjords, offers transport planners a challenging field of activity. As part of National Road 13, the 7.5 kilometer long Vallavik Tunnel was opened east of Bergen in 1985. 28 years later, the suspension bridge over the Hardangerfjord, the longest in the country, went into operation nearby. As an access to this one was built in the tunnel 600 meter long junction and a roundabout.

Whoever approaches it will already encounter the Northern lights which can actually only be seen further north of Scandinavia: the ceiling of the three driveways and the roundabout shines in magical blue, around the yellow illuminated, seven-meter-thick central column and white interrupted light strips float above the three street branches - a strong presence.

Hovenring - Dutch cyclists upstairs

Between the Dutch cities of Eindhoven and Veldhoven, this was in 2011 floating roundabout opened for cyclists. At first, unexpected vibrations occurred in the steel cables, but these were minimized by special dampers at the ends of the suspension cables. The circle is suspended with 24 guy ropes from a 70 meter high, cigar-shaped pylon in its center. Around 5000 cyclists "run over" every day without having to stop at an intersection with a high volume of traffic, where previously there was a large roundabout three lanes wide.

The name of the construction, which emerged from an ideas competition, takes up the common denominator of the place names Eindhoven, Veldhoven and Meerhoven. When it is dark, the Hovenring * is spectacularly illuminated and thus seems to float freely in the air - a striking entrance gate to the city of Eindhoven in the south of the Netherlands.

Persiaran Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah - world record

Anyone in Malaysia on the largest roundabout in the world is on the way, probably doesn't even notice him as such, but has a déjà-vu after an apparently endless right-hand bend: I only just saw that!

3.5 kilometers long is the oval around the hilly Putra Perdana Park named after a king - the full extent is only visible on Google Maps. Embedded are the official residence of the electoral king of Malaysia, a luxury hotel and the Mercu Tanda Putrajaya. The design of this chrome-plated landmark combines high tech with contemporary and traditional Malay motifs. It stands for the founding of Putrajaya, the seat of the Malaysian federal government, in 1995. This is the best overview of the city planned on the drawing board.

Out and about on extraordinary routes

In order to experience something extraordinary as a driver, you don't have to look out for a roundabout first. Here you will find a compilation of very special motorways.

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