Why is my PayPal account blocked

PayPal account: unlock


A locked PayPal account is an annoying problem.
Sometimes it happens that PayPal suspends an account. Too many transactions are just one possible reason. For most causes, however, there is a quick solution to unblock your PayPal account.

Unlock your PayPal account

If your PayPal is blocked, it is important to find out why. You can find the reason in the overview under “Conflict resolution”. By fixing the problem, you are also making sure that the PayPal account is unlocked.
Possible reasons are possible if your PayPal account has been blocked:
  • The account is in the red: if that's the case, you need to balance the account. Transfer the appropriate amount from your bank account to your PayPal account. As soon as the account is balanced, the provider removes the block.
  • Doubtful access from abroad: Suspicious access can also be a reason for a ban. Contact customer service immediately and change your password. This is how you avoid unauthorized debits.
  • Open buyer protection requests: clarify the, in order to lift the block.
  • Password entered incorrectly too often: Call the hotline to reactivate your account.

Beware of cyber criminals

“Your account has been banned!” - If you receive an email with this subject, be careful. Because criminals often try to get your data through such phishing emails. In the email, the cyber criminals ask you to follow the link contained therein so that your account can be unblocked. Do not click on the link and do not enter your details under any circumstances.
Delete such emails immediately. Contact PayPal immediately to notify the service provider of the fraudulent email and see if there are any problems with your account.