What is partial pressure

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Area of ​​Expertise - thermodynamics

The partial pressure of a component of a gas mixture corresponds to the pressure that this component would exert if it were alone in the volume under consideration that the mixture occupies. The application of the ideal gas law to the partial pressure and total pressure of an ideal gas mixture (see ideal mixture) results in a different formulation of Dalton's law:

See also: Dalton's law

Learning units in which the term is dealt with

Ideal gases40 min.

chemistryGeneral ChemistryGases

Gases occur in many reactions, so it is important to consider the behavior of gases. The state of the molecules and atoms that are in a gas state is called regular motion. Boyle-Mariotte and Gay-Lussac established equations for the behavior of gases. For the borderline case, the ideal gas law applies, which is discussed further in this learning unit.

Speed ​​distribution40 min.

chemistryGeneral ChemistryGases

As a result of weak intermolecular interactions, gases behave in a largely similar way physically and are therefore first described with the model of the ideal gas. Refined considerations, taking into account the interactions and the inherent volume of the gas molecules, enable more precise calculations of the behavior of gases.

Gas mixtures30 min.

chemistryPhysical chemistrythermodynamics

Description of ideal and real gas mixtures based on partial pressures. The general equation of state of the mixture is also shown.