How long does a Netflix download take

Download Netflix series: How to use offline mode

On the long haul, simply search through half the season of the current favorite series and the time will fly by! Since 2016, users have been able to download Netflix series and thus do binge-watching without an internet connection. The download function also helps to save data volume in the mobile network. Read here how to download Netflix series, what restrictions there are and what tricks you can use to download a Mac.

Download Netflix series: what do you need?

To download Netflix series, you need the Netflix app, which is available for both iOS (for download) and Android (for download). The download function is not available via the browser. So if you go to Netflix via Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera, you can only stream. So what to do if you want to make Netflix series available offline on your PC or laptop? As a Windows user, you can simply download the app from the Microsoft Store. Read below to learn how Download Netflix TV Shows works on Mac.

Download Netflix series: The symbol with the arrow indicates that the title is available for download - screenshot: ©

How does the download work?

Downloading series on Netflix is ​​child's play: Search the app for series and films that you want to download. If the download symbol is next to the individual titles (an arrow pointing downwards - see picture on the right), you can tap on this and download the title. Unfortunately, you'll have to repeat this for every single episode. The download of an entire season is currently not possible.

Download Netflix series: Screenshot with “My Dowloads” in the Screenshot menu: ©

If you want to see the downloaded series, you can find them in the bar under your profile. The downloaded episodes are displayed under the menu item “My Downloads” (see picture on the left).

Smart download for Android users

If you are using an Android device, you can use the new “Smart Download” function. If this is activated, the next episodes of a series that has already started will be downloaded automatically as soon as the user is in a WLAN network. In addition, episodes that have already been watched are automatically deleted.

Tip: Whether streaming or watching offline: Have you ever considered building a home theater? As a premium member, series and films are available as Ultra-HD - this guarantees that cinema feeling at home.

Download Netflix series on Mac

Only Mac users have not yet been able to download Netflix series. This is only possible in a roundabout way, for example using screen recording. But be careful: This is against Netflix's terms and conditions. If you have a mobile Android device in addition to your Mac, you can take another detour: You can change the storage location when downloading to your smartphone and save films or series on an SD card. You can then insert the card into your Mac. Are you thinking about MacBook alternatives anyway? There is a large selection of ultra-light notebooks that do not come from Apple.

To change the location when downloading Netflix series:

  • Go to the main menu
  • Select the item App-Settings
  • click on Downloads and then on Download location
  • Now you can determine the storage location

Why is it that the download does not work?

If you can't download a series on Netflix, there could be a number of reasons. The two most common are:

  • The app is not up to date. In this case you need to update it
  • The system requirements are not met.

With regard to the latter point, a download with operating systems is possible:

  • iOS 9.0 or higher
  • Android 4.4.2 or higher
  • Windows 10 version 1607 (anniversary update) or higher

Download restrictions

Download Netflix series: Screenshot from the app - Screenshot: ©

  • Time: When you download a Netflix series, it does not stay on your device indefinitely. The expiry time differs from series to series. Usually a countdown can be seen seven days before the expiry. Once you've started a track for the first time, it stays on the device for 48 hours.
  • Number of series: You can download a maximum of 100 Netflix series or films.
  • Equipment: Download is possible on a maximum of four devices per Netflix subscription. So if you share an account with other people and want to download Netflix series on both your smartphone and PC, you should discuss this. Devices can of course be removed at any time.
  • Offer: Not all series and films are downloadable. Netflix originals such as House of Cards, Stranger Things or Narcos can always be downloaded. For other offers only if the download symbol appears.
  • Storage space: An average Netflix series of around 45 minutes takes up to 250 MB of storage space. A Netflix movie requires around 500MB. In the app settings you can set the video quality when downloading. Select “Standard” to save storage space. Delete titles you have already viewed.
  • Data volume: Downloading a Netflix series takes about the same amount of data as streaming it. Therefore, make sure that you only download titles in the WiFi network.
  • Battery consumption: The battery consumption when watching a downloaded series is also similar to that when streaming. If you are on the move, you should therefore always keep an eye on the battery level. Tip: Take a look at the top five power saving apps.