How does health care work in Mexico

Coronavirus: situation in Mexico

Ongoing updates on the latest information from the Mexican authorities

As of: May 10, 2021

Entry to Mexico compact:

  • Business travelers can on the airwayenter.
  • Neither a negative onePCR test still / or oneHealth declaration is currently required by the Mexican authorities for entry.
  • However, travel registration prior to entry is required
  • AustrianTravel warning (Security level 6) for Mexico. We warn against all trips to Brazil.
  • Registration, testing and quarantine requirements when re-entering Austria.

Current & important

Mexico is one of the countries in the world hardest hit by the COVID-19 health crisis. Nevertheless, there are comparatively few state preventive measures. Mexico experienced its economic low point between March and May 2020, when the interim health emergency was declared and companies had to temporarily completely stop their activities. After June 1st, 2020, the Mexican economy and everyday life - despite the high number of COVID-19 cases - started up again in stages.

Today the situation in the individual Mexican states is very different. Based on indicators such as the trend in cases of infection and the trend in the occupancy of hospital beds, the government publishes a four-level "traffic light system" (red, orange, yellow, green) at regular intervals, which is intended to set the rules for society and the economy. Each state is assigned a specific color depending on the local situation, with “green” not representing any restrictions on everyday life and “red” representing maximum safety precautions. Accordingly, different conditions apply to the numerous regions of Mexico.

Read more about this in the chapter "Protective measures and business life".

Entry and travel regulations

Relief for vaccinated peopleRelief for those who have recoveredRelief for the tested
No entry restrictions per se, but airlines require negative tests (antigen / PCR)

On April 29, 2020, the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs issued security level 6 (travel warning) for all of Mexico, which is still valid today. You are warned against traveling to Mexico due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Austrians who are currently in this country are urged to contact the competent Austrian representation authority or the nearest representation of an EU member state immediately. Austrians living in this country are strongly advised to leave the country.

We therefore ask all business travelers to refrain from traveling on business that is not absolutely necessary.

The Mexican government does not currently have any official travel restrictions for Austrians or foreigners in general who want to enter Mexico. There are also no quarantine regulations or entry requirements for travelers, only a travel registration must be made. Self-isolation in suspected cases is expressly recommended. Body temperature measurements may be taken at some airports. Before entering Mexico, a questionnaire and said travel registration must be completed.

The official and constantly updated information can be found on the following pages:

Entry into the USA via Mexico:

The Mexican-US-American border has been closed to "normal" passenger traffic since midnight on March 21, 2020. Medical staff and transfers due to medical necessity, but also work-related commuters, are excluded from this rule.

The so-called White House Proclamation applies until further notice - except for US citizens or "permanent residents". This regulation states, among other things, that people who have been in the Schengen area in the past 14 days will be denied entry to the USA (even with valid entry documents). The consular departments of the US embassies have been able to use so-calledNational Interest Exceptions (NIE) - exceptionsfor entry into the USA if the entry of the persons innational economic interest of the USAlies. With theseNEVERAmong other things, business travelers can enter the USA with a valid visa, despite the presidential decrees dated March 11, 2020 (entry ban from the Schengen area) and June 22, 2020 (entry ban to protect the US labor market). Visa applications are also processed again in certain categories.

NEW - Negative Covid Test: From January 26, 2021, a negative viral (PCR or antigen) COVID-19 test is required for entry into the USA.

Entry into the USA with valid US entry documents and a previous 14-day stay in Mexico (in quarantine) is theoretically possible. Danger: It is at the discretion of the processing border official whether the given reason for an entry request into the USA is “valid” enough for it to be granted.

For more information on entering the United States, see the United States country page.

Return to Austria from Mexico

Please note that there are registration, test and quarantine obligations when re-entering Austria from Mexico. Furthermore, the regulations of the respective transit country must be observed when planning the trip (see here