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Annual review 2019

Written by: Daniel Leinen, on December 15th, 2019
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DJ and producer Marshmello.

Another strong year is coming to an end for the US-American DJ and producer Marshmello, in which he was able to celebrate many successes. He is known for his unique future bass style. A total of eight singles, an EP and the album "Joytime III" came out. In the ranking of the Top 100 DJs by DJ Mag, he was able to make up five positions up to fifth. We now want to go back to his music from 2019 and look back at the Marshmello tracks from last year.

Marshmello & Pritam feat. Shirley Setia - BIBA (February)

The first song of the year is "BIBA". The song was created with two rather unknown performers. Pritam is a well-known Bollywood composer and all-round musician in India. There is also the New Zealand singer Shirley Setia, who sings a part at the end of the song. The single begins with Eastern guitar sounds, which means that you start right here with a sound that is completely untypical for Marshmello. Then it continues with vocals sung in Hindi. Gradually, the signature sound of Marshmello also comes along, which can then also be heard well in the drop. "BIBA" is not a future bass number, but international dance pop. Marshmello is holding back with his style here, in order to give the song as international a touch as possible, which works really well here. The number doesn't manage to convince commercially, which is probably due to the fact that "BIBA" is perhaps a bit too special for success in Europe and because of the unusual style, not everyone will like it. The song is also one of the weakest singles of the year in terms of streaming numbers. The chart success here was perhaps not Marshmello's goal, but rather to make a song that is different and shows his affection for India. And he has definitely achieved that with "BIBA".

Marshmello & SVDDEN DEATH - Sell Out (February)

Only a week later "Sell Out" was released together with the US-American SVDDEN DEATH. The number comes a little closer to the usual Marshmello style. It starts with its typical future bass sound and then develops into a hard dubstep track by the time it drops. Especially in the drop you can hear the work of SVDDEN DEATH, who also otherwise stands for this style. These dubstep crossovers by Marshmello are not only heard once in 2019, as we will find out later. If you look at the success in the charts, it doesn't look good for "Sell Out" either. However, with its hard dubstep drop, the track was absolutely not intended for the charts. On Spotify, "Sell Out" only achieved marginally better numbers than its predecessor, which means that the second single of the year is not a success either.

Marshmello feat. CHVRCHES - Here With Me (March)

It continued with the song "Here With Me". The number was created in collaboration with the Scottish group CHVRCHES. After two commercial flops, the song is the attempt to convince again in the charts. "Here With Me" starts with electric guitar sounds, followed by the very nice vocals of CHVRCHES front woman Lauren Mayberry. As the main part we find the typical Marshmello style that we know from hits like "Happier" or "Silence". You can also hear the melody of the chorus sung by CHVRCHES. An instrumental doesn't have the number, instead "Here With Me" is classic pop. Overall, the song sounds very good, even if you've heard more creative things from both artists. The melodies are kept rather simple and repeat themselves without really adding anything new. Nevertheless, the track offers a lot of catchy tune potential. If you look at the charts, the song is Marshmello's most commercially successful track of the year. 9th place in Great Britain and 31st place in the USA are on the books and in Germany the number comes up to 49th place. On Spotify, "Here With Me" is by far the most successful song of the year with over 317 million streams.

Marshmello & SOB X RBE - Roll The Dice EP (April)

It continues with an EP with three tracks that came out in April. The mini-album was created in collaboration with the US hip-hop group SOB X RBE. The three songs are called "Roll The Dice", "Don't Save Me" and "First Place". In terms of style, Marshmello adapts very much to Hip Hop, as he has always done in the past. In 2018, collaborations with Lil Peep and Logic came about. The three songs all sound relatively similar. The vocals of SOB X RBE are underlaid with a fat hip-hop beat. With the "Roll The Dice EP", Marshmello once again proves his penchant for other styles, such as hip hop. The three songs posted poor numbers on Spotify. The strongest song reaches almost 4.5 million streams. With the EP there is no success.

Marshmello feat. Tyga & Chris Brown - Light It Up

There was another hip-hop track to be heard just two weeks later. This time together with the rap greats Tyga and Chris Brown. "Light It Up" was supposed to be Marshmello's next hit. Here, too, Marshmello holds back with his usual style and leaves the field to the other two artists in terms of sound. The collaboration with Chris Brown and Tyga was sharply criticized by the Scottish band CHVRCHES, with whom Marshmello landed his biggest hit of the year with "Here With Me", as the two rappers were already confronted with allegations of sexual abuse of women. This sparked an aggressive internet beef between the parties CHVRCHES and Chris Brown & Tyga. "Light It Up" managed to get some good positions in the charts, but it does not come close to earlier successes of Marshmello. In the USA the number reached number 90 and in Germany number 77. On Spotify, the track achieved good numbers with more than 62 million streams.

Marshmello feat. A Day To Remember - Rescue Me (June)

The next song was the first single from his album "Joytime III". The track "Rescue Me" was released with the band A Day To Remember. The number was the first foretaste of the new album. With "Rescue Me" fans got to hear the typical Marshmello style. Happy future bass sounds and smaller rock parts make the number a classic marshmello track. Especially the vocals of the US-American band are very strong and have high catchy potential. Overall, the song is one of his strongest of the year. The numbers on Spotify are also absolutely impressive. More than 32 million plays are a very decent result for "Rescue Me". In the charts, the number in the USA does not come higher than number 92. Overall, the track is a successful foretaste of the upcoming studio album.


Marshmello & Kane Brown - One Thing Right (June)

Just a week later, the song "One Thing Right" was released with Kane Brown. Brown comes from the USA and is mainly active in the country genre. So this collaboration promised to be a very interesting collaboration. "One Thing Right" turned out to be a cool mix of country and EDM, where you can hear the elements of both styles. The catchy melodies also have hit potential. "One Thing Right" was also able to convince in the charts. 71st place in Germany and 36th place in the USA ensure good placements. The single is also very successful on Spotify. Over 193 million plays are reached here, making "One Thing Right" the second most successful track of the year there. Overall, the track cannot match the previous major successes, but it does achieve very strong streaming numbers and decent chart positions.

Marshmello & Flux Pavillon feat. Elohim - Room To Fall (June)

The last single before the release of "Joytime III" was the track "Room To Fall". The song was produced together with the British DJ Flux Pavillon. The singer / songwriter Elohim from Los Angeles contributed the vocals. The number has an extremely memorable melody in the chorus, with which the vocal parts alone are absolutely convincing. The drop is then a cool mix of the two styles from Marshmello and Flux Pavillon. Here you can hear powerful future bass sounds that not only work well on the radio, but could also find their place in clubs or festivals. So "Room To Fall" is the next successful track by Marshmello. The two single releases are again mainly the style for which Marshmello is known and less experiments in the direction of Hindi or songs from the rap genre. In the charts, however, the number cannot convince at all. No entries in the US or Germany are an example of that. "Room To Fall" doesn't even reach 10 million plays on Spotify either. The lack of success could also be due to the fact that this is now the third Marshmello track within three weeks.

Marshmello - Joytime III (Album) (July)

At the beginning of July, Marshmello's third studio album was released. With 13 tracks, "Joytime III" contains more than any of the artist's previous albums. However, there are also a lot more collaborations than in his previous albums, where there were almost never any collabs with other artists. In "Joytime III" there are eight tracks with other artists. Common songs among others with Slushii, Crankdat or Wiwek are on the album. All in all, this sounds a lot more varied than the previous albums, because you have included a lot more different styles here. Dubstep is part of the tracks together with Slushii, TYNAN and Crankdat. But also Bass House with Bellecour and even Jungle Terror with Wiwek are represented on the record. Due to this greater musical variety, "Joytime III" sounds much more varied than its predecessor. The typical future bass style of Marshmello is of course often enough. "Rescue Me" and "Run It Up" are particularly convincing. But also the dubstep bangers "Earthquake" with TYNAN and "Falling To Pieces" with Crankdat are among the strongest tracks on the album. "Joytime III" is also commercially successful. In the USA the album reached number 1 on the dance charts and number 50 on the album charts.

Marshmello & YUNGBLUD & Blackbear - Tongue Tied (November)

The next track after the album didn't come out until November. "Tongue Tied" is a collaboration with the two artists YUNGBLUD and Blackbear. YUNGBLUD comes from Great Britain and is more active in the rock genre. The American Blackbear can mainly be attributed to rap and RnB. This interesting combination of rock, EDM and rap works surprisingly well. "Tongue Tied" combines the styles perfectly and sounds very refreshing. Everything fits together very well and represents high hit potential. However, the success is limited. There is no chart placement in the US. In Germany, however, the track reached number 100 and in Great Britain even number 62. On Spotify, the number performed well with over 20 million plays.


Marshmello has had another year with which he was able to build on his success. In total, he released eight singles, an EP and a studio album. The big hit wasn't there this time, but there were many songs that could enter the charts. The biggest hit was "Here With Me" together with CHVRCHES. The highlight of the year for fans of the DJ should also have been the album "Joytime III". Thus, Marshmello can look towards 2020 with an optimistic view.

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