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How wraps help with joint pain

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Joint pain from osteoarthritis, gout or rheumatism can often be relieved with natural home remedies - compresses made from cabbage, quark or fenugreek.

Quark compresses against inflammation and pain

Quark wraps are quick to make and relieve joint discomfort.

A curd compress can relieve discomfort caused by sprained joints, bruises, insect bites and a gout attack. This is ensured by the ingredients casein and lactic acid: They inhibit inflammation and relieve pain.

To make a quark wrap, you first put a compress in a sieve and put some quark on it. The fat content of the quark does not matter. Then drain the quark and warm it to room temperature. Wrap the white mass with a second compress and place it on the affected area. Cover the wrap with some kitchen paper and secure with a kitchen towel. Let the quark wrap act until it no longer cools.

Cabbage compress can relieve osteoarthritis pain

Cabbage contains flavanoids and mustard glycosides. They have anti-inflammatory effects and promote blood circulation. Cabbage wraps can provide relief for symptoms caused by osteoarthritis - preferably made from savoy cabbage or, alternatively, from white cabbage. Cabbage wraps work particularly well on the knee because the skin is particularly thin there and the cabbage juice can be absorbed easily. According to one study, cabbage wraps are just as effective as gels or pain creams.

First carefully break off the leaves, cut out the hard stalk in the middle and flatten the leaves with a glass bottle or a rolling pin until the cabbage juice comes out. Place the rolled leaves loosely on the painful joint and fix with an elastic bandage. The cabbage juice should soak in for a few hours, preferably overnight.

Fenugreek helps through warmth

The spice fenugreek can relieve pain when the affected joint needs warmth. This is ensured by the ingredients linoleic acid and linolenic acid. Joints stiffened by rheumatism can also be restarted with fenugreek. Asthma sufferers should, however, be careful because the fumes can irritate the airways.

To make a fenugreek wrap, you mix fenugreek powder (available in health food stores or pharmacies) with hot water to form a thick paste. Spread this on a compress and cover with a second compress. Place both compresses on the joint and fix with a bandage. Do not use fenugreek wrap for more than two hours.

Make cream against pain yourself

You can make a pain reliever cream yourself from mustard flour or nutmeg. Mustard flour contains oils that help relieve pain and stimulate blood circulation. Nutmeg can relieve the symptoms of diabetes neuropathy.

To make the cream carrier cream from the pharmacy, mix mustard flour or freshly grated nutmeg in a small jar with a pinch of a knife.

Treat venous problems with wraps

In some cases, venous disorders such as open legs may even lead to amputation. Compression therapy with wraps can help even large wounds heal. more

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