Britain tries to reverse Brexit

After 47 years, Great Britain left the EU community at midnight

After 47 years of membership, the United Kingdom (UK) is leaving the European Union. The end of membership was supported by a narrow majority (51.8%) of the British after the referendum in 2016. After two and a half years of negotiations, a coordinated exit agreement was approved by the British Parliament and the EU institutions in January 2020.

53% of UK imports so far have come from the EU

Until the end of the year nothing will change in terms of mutual rights and obligations. The exchange of goods continues as before. 53% of UK imports come from EU countries. Of these, the largest share with 14% from Germany.

In 2017, the EU-27 countries supplied around 38 billion euros. Farm produce and food to UK. Germany alone supplied the UK with food worth almost 5 billion euros.

The European umbrella organization of farmers and cooperatives (Copa Cogeca) regretted the “sad day” of the official departure in a press release published on Friday

With immediate effect, Germany accounts for a quarter of the entire EU-27 gross domestic product

With the departure of the UK from the EU, the EU-27 falls back to third place in the world as an economic area behind the USA and China. While Germany and the UK have so far controlled around a fifth of the total EU gross domestic product (GDP) in the Community, Germany without the UK will in future account for a quarter of the total EU GDP. Great Britain has so far had the second largest share of GDP in the EU.

"The Copa Cogeca members hope that the future trade agreement, which will be negotiated between the UK and the EU from March, will create the basis for the closest possible trade relations and maintain the values ​​and high standards of the EU market," it says in a Copa Cogeca statement.

Copa Cogeca continues to seek close relationships with British farmers

"European farmers and their cooperatives expect that the negotiations on the future relationship will lead to a high-quality result in a swift and orderly process in sufficient time," said Copa Coegeca Secretary General Pekka Pesonen in Brussels on Friday. At the same time, Copa Cogeca continued to seek close ties with British farmers and hoped that both negotiating parties would take farmers' welfare to heart.