What is a word association

Find word associations

The «Word Association Network» project offers the possibility of looking up the word associations for certain words. The word associations arise in the head when you read, pronounce or think about a word. Enter a word in the search field and press the key (or click the "Search" key) to display the word associations.

There is also the option to find a word by the first letter. Click on the letter you want in the navigation area to display the corresponding word list.

If the search results list is too long, the navigation buttons will appear below it. Use the next, previous, and page number links to navigate through the results.

To improve the ease of use, each word is provided with the dictionary article. The search results may contain images that represent the meaning of the corresponding word. To enlarge an image, click on this image.

The word association network is an ideographic dictionary, a so-called thesaurus. This thesaurus consists of three basic components: an associative dictionary, an explanatory dictionary, and a picture dictionary. The associative dictionary (also known as the dictionary of valence etymologically related words) groups words according to psychological perception, meaning, and sense. The explanatory dictionary (also known as the dictionary of meanings or the dictionary of definitions) contains words and terms with brief descriptions. The explanatory dictionary explains the lexical meaning of a word. The picture dictionary (or visual dictionary) illustrates the meaning of the words.