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GMAT training

The absolute basics, nothing more. Quite ok for beginners.
by Konstantin S. on May 20, 2020 for GMAT training

A good introduction to the topic of GMAT, but really only the basics. In terms of price / performance, it is less good. Wouldn't book the course again!

Good content. Too high priced
by Tim B. on January 03, 2017 for GMAT training

The content is conveyed in a way that is easy to understand, but in my opinion the price-performance ratio is not right at over € 200, as you should also buy many other learning materials.

by Oguzcan S. on December 22, 2016 for GMAT training

to get into the GMAT concept quite useful, but if you want to be over 700+ in the score, you have to look at other concepts from forums such as GMAT Club or eGMAT or Manhattan Prep. Price / performance therefore ok if you consider that there are hardly any German-language tutorials.

Very good and understandable course
by Christoph m. on October 13, 2016 for GMAT training

I am very satisfied with the GMAT training. The individual areas of the GMAT are described in great detail and processed with possible solutions with which one is able to solve further tasks from the upper floor. The contact with the course instructor was also positive. He was available for any questions. Can only recommend this course to everyone for their GMAT preparation.

Techniques good, but more practice would be appropriate
by Zanbong Y. on July 13, 2015 for GMAT training

- a more detailed script would be better with more exercises - and also present the approach in a separate script -> otherwise very good if you only achieve 600 pkt more specific techniques for top scorers ??? Overall, your own script should be worked out (separately and in detail), and not just the set of slides is not enough

Great tips and tricks based on real questions
by Fabienne S. on February 02, 2014 for GMAT training

1) Hundreds of tips for preparation and task processing 2) Very detailed 3) Applied to examples -> I would buy again COMPARISON: I had a one-day preparation course that was offered by my university and personally I can only say that I got this money would have preferred to save and invest in this online course right away!

by Britta S. on July 13, 2013 for GMAT training

Good structure, speech intelligibility could still be optimized.