Is Frankie Ariana Grande's brother

Ariana Grande: brother blurts out relationship status! 🤭


Does Ariana Grande have a boyfriend?

"You are not my boyfriend and I am not your girlfriend, but you don't want me to see anyone and I don't want you to see anyone," sing Ariana Grande in their latest song "boyfriend" ft. Social House. Since that track, fans suspect that social house singer Mikey Foster is Ariana Grande's new boyfriend. But now Ariana Grande's brother speaks plainly and reveals how it really is about him relationship status his sister stands - if anyone needs to know, then he ... 🤷‍♀️


Ariana Grande's brother talks about their relationship status

Frankie James Grande is the brother of Ariana and actually at your side 24/7. So it's clear that he needs to know pretty well how his sister's relationship status is doing. An American magazine claimed to have spoken to the brother and he had confirmed the relationship with social house singer Mikey. The rumors ran high, so Ari's brother tweeted yesterday rather annoyed: "My sister is not in a relationship. Relax, all of you. She is very single." Well, if that's not a clear message. Ari enjoys her life as a single and that's a good thing! Do you want to reminisce? Then Ariana Grande's ex-boyfriends come here - have fun!